Team Announces Hiring of Annelie Schmittel

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia 76ers announced January 8th the hiring of Annelie Schmittel. In her new role as 76ers Vice President of Player Development, Schmittel will be responsible for creating, managing and overseeing the holistic development and implementation of programs that support the professional and personal growth of 76ers players, staff and families.

With nearly a decade of experience in athlete development, Schmittel joins the team after spending the last three seasons with the Oakland Raiders. Also boasting experience working with NCAA Division I and II collegiate athletes, Schmittel is a proven leader with an unparalleled passion for maximizing players’ athletic and personal growth, on and off the court. Under Schmittel’s creative leadership and innovative mindset, the 76ers will continue to augment on-court progress with off-court development and strive to help players balance on-court priorities and personal responsibilities.

“Annelie is a rising star in the sports world, distinguishing herself both at the professional and collegiate levels. Her leadership, drive and unquestioned commitment to exceptionalism makes her uniquely positioned to lead our player development efforts,” said Alex Rucker, 76ers Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. “She will help lead our organization and its mission to providing our athletes and staff with world-class support and development.”

Prior to joining the 76ers, Schmittel was a member of the Raiders’ player engagement staff. While responsible for strategy, planning, oversight and execution of player development, Schmittel successfully implemented and managed various programs such as the Raiders Family Boot Camp and the team’s Rookie Academy; a transitional program for all drafted and undrafted players that specializes in the professional development into the NFL from college, both on and off the field. Among her many responsibilities with the Raiders, Schmittel also specialized in innovative programming and the creation of various initiatives for the continued development of both current and former players on the roster, significant others and family members.

Prior to joining the Raiders, Schmittel worked as an instructor and researcher at the University of Florida while completing her doctorate degree, earning a PhD in Sports Communication. A published researcher with a primary expertise in crisis communication in sports, Schmittel has received several awards and recognition for her work in the classroom and in scholarship.

“I am excited to join the 76ers and further the organization’s mission of providing best-in-class service and support to our players and their families, as well as our dynamic staff,” Schmittel said. “This is an important time in the growth and development of the team. The 76ers have an innovative and progressive infrastructure in place. I look forward to the opportunity of growing and solidifying our athlete development efforts for years to come.”

A native of Germany, Schmittel also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Master’s degree in Sports Management from Winona State University where she competed in Track and Field.