Story Behind the Shot | Two Guys That Keep Things Moving

There are plenty of ways to tell a story - by word, by mouth, by sight. With this feature, Story Behind the Shot, we wanted to take a blended approach. 

Every week, from now until whenever the 76ers' season ends, we'll release to you across our social media feeds and website our latest photo of the week, snapped by one of the several talented photographers we're fortunate to have on staff. 

Each installment in this series will be contextualized with commentary from both a primary subject in the photo, and the photographer who took it, thereby bringing to you...the story behind the shot.

Again, be on the lookout for fresh photos weekly, and check out the links a little farther down below for previous installments in the series. We hope you enjoy!


Week of 2/13 - 2/20/20

Tobias Harris

On Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons

"We’ve all talked about it. Those two are the guys that keep this thing moving. Their games are different, but in a way, they both compliment each other. When they’re out there, and they’re both dominant, you can just see - it’s like they've played together since they were young kids."

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