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There are plenty of ways to tell a story - by word, by mouth, by sight. With this feature, Story Behind the Shot, we wanted to take a blended approach. 

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Matisse Thybulle

On guarding LeBron James for the first time.

“Honestly in that moment - it’s crazy looking back on it now, because I can see it for what it is. But in that moment, I have just one simple thing going through my mind: Don’t become a highlight play. Don’t end up on a highlight reel. And whatever that took, I was going to do. Being able to look back on that moment with this picture is pretty special, because those are moments that as a kid, you dream of. LeBron’s been playing in the NBA for such a long time, that most of my basketball career, I’ve been watching him play at the highest level in the world. And now, to have guarded him, gotten a steal, it’s pretty cool. That was the first time I ever matched up against him, and running through my mind the whole time is just, ‘Don’t end up on SportsCenter.'”

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