A Special Night for After-School All-Stars

by Lauren Rosen

Prior to Monday’s matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers Managing Partners Josh and Marjorie Harris welcomed some very special guests to The Center.

Over 100 excited students and educators from After-School All-Stars were the Harrises’ guests. The program helps children across the country excel in school, while leading healthy lifestyles. 

“When we were looking for a way to help kids in the communities, we tried to find the best organization,” Josh Harris said. “We ended up finding After-School All-Stars, and they are the best at what they do. They help nearly 100,000 kids nationwide in different communities.”

The Harrises have made a special commitment to investing in communities in and around Philadelphia. 

“We wanted to make sure they were deeply ingrained in Philadelphia, Camden and other areas,” Josh Harris said. “[After-School All-Stars is] really good at what they do. They use sports as a hook, playing basketball, playing soccer, wrestling and try to get them to do well in school.”

Discussing his continued commitment to philanthropy, Harris says it's all about making a difference by paying it forward.

“If I can reach just a small number of these kids, and make their lives better, and give them that shot, which is what people did for my family over the years, it’s really my pleasure and my obligation to do that."

The Harris family has a long history with the After-School All-Stars. The Harris Family Charitable Foundation has supported After-School All-Stars since 2016, launching six chapters at local schools including Philadelphia’s Russell H. Conwell Middle School in May 2017.

Monday at The Center, the group of After-School All-Stars were in for a treat.

“These are some of the kids that have really done well in After-School All-Stars,” Josh Harris said. “I just want them to have fun, have a great time, enjoy themselves here.”


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