Sixers Announce 2012-13 Pricing

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 7, 2012 - The Philadelphia 76ers Chief Executive Officer and co-Owner Adam Aron announced today the team's ticket pricing for the 2012-2013 season.

The 76ers are not raising the face value prices for "regular" season games on seats in the lower and upper bowl for next season. This means that the face value on more than 500,000 seats at 76ers games next season will not increase and will be frozen at 2011-2012 levels.

The surcharge, only for Select and Choice games in the lower bowl, will increase by $5 or $10 respectively, to cause a modest overall ticket price rise for these seats. Select and Choice game supplements will not change year over year in the upper bowl.

The move to hold the line on face value ticket prices next season comes on top of the 76ers decision earlier this season to significantly reduce single-game ticket prices on almost 9,000 seats each game at the Wells Fargo Center. This prior move had the effect of reducing face ticket prices on approximately half of the seating in the open lower and mezzanine bowls.

"In another 'fan friendly' move, we will not be raising face ticket prices on more than 500,000 seats at Philadelphia 76ers games for the 2012-2013 season,"Aron said. "We want to continue to provide our fans with one of the most affordable and entertaining experiences in the NBA. However, we will be modestly increasing lower bowl prices for Select and Choice games and somewhat tightening the discounts that are offered on tickets that may be sold well below face value."

Fans will continue to be able to sit in the lower bowl for as little as $29 and for $10 in the mezzanine. Over 8,700 tickets are $39 or less, with more than 1,700 of those seat locations being located in the lower bowl.

As a few examples of many in which face ticket pricing does not change for next season

Face Price Regular Games

Section 2011-12 2012-13
Mezzanine Center (rows 1-7) $45 $45
Mezzanine Center (rows 8-15) $20 $20
Corners (rows 1-10) $69 $69
Corners (rows 11-17) $59 $59
Corners (rows 18-26) $39 $39
Baseline (rows 11-17) $89 $89
Baseline (rows 18-23) $59 $59
Center Court (rows 11-17) $149 $149
Center Court (rows 18-23) $129 $129 Center Court right (rows 18-23) $119 $119 Center Court left (rows 18-23) $119 $119

The above announcements notwithstanding, the prices for Row 1 Courtside Seats will be rising next year, but fans in those seats will be getting a new unlimited food and beverage entitlement. Prices will rise for the 2 or 3 front rows of folding seats "inside the dashers," but fans in those seats will be getting new plush leather seating.

There are some season tickets in the lower bowl, especially in rows 1-10 of Center Court and Center Court Left or Right, which have been sold in prior years at varying prices and well below face value. The level of discount below face will be somewhat tightened on these season tickets and on other seats purchased below face value this coming season.

Additional discounts will be offered to 76ers season plan buyers of additional 1-5% off their season tickets, depending upon the payment plan option they select.

Taking all these pricing changes together, the Sixers still remain one of the most fan friendly teams in the NBA with respect to ticket pricing. This holds true as well when it comes to season ticket holder pricing in the prime locations, as the Sixers will have season ticket holder pricing that is lower than approximately 80% of the teams throughout the NBA.

The 76ers also will be providing season ticket holders with innovative new benefits, especially including the all-new Franklin Club, which offers a wide array of valuable entitlements.


The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the elite franchises in the National Basketball Association and have achieved the third most wins in league history, as well as the third most playoff appearances of any team in the NBA along with three World Championships. Some of the greatest players ever to play the game have appeared in a 76ers uniform. The Philadelphia 76ers are owned by an investor syndicate led by prominent financier Joshua Harris and play home games in Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center.

For more information, please contact Sixers Public Relations at 215-339-7666.