Quotebook | Embiid an All-Star Starter Once Again

by Lauren Rosen

After being named an All-Star Starter for the third consecutive time Thursday night, Joel Embiid was a full participant in Friday’s practice at the Training Complex.

“He is obviously highly gifted, and highly important to what we do, Brett Brown said. “To get him into the group, and have him be around, is significant.”

Between that return to the court and his All-Star nod, there was plenty to discuss. Here’s more of what was said:

Brett Brown expressed his pride for the growth he’s seen from Embiid, and his excitement for the incredible potential the big man has:

“I just love it. I love it for more than just being his coach… To see the journey that he has taken, the path that he’s taken. He’s good people. I’m proud of him. He’s ours, and he’s got a heck of a lot more to give. He can be whatever he wants to be.”

Backcourt counterpart Al Horford also expressed his excitement for Embiid’s third consecutive selection:

“I’m just happy for Jo. He definitely deserves that kind of accolde and praise. I’m just excited for him to make it again, and as a starter - that’s a special thing.”

As for Embiid himself, he was excited about the honor, but even more excited for one of his friends, Pascal Siakam, who makes his first All-Star team this season.

“I was more excited about Pascal [Siakam], two guys from Cameroon - we barely started playing basketball eight or nine years ago. So to see us, especially as starters, means a lot. I’m proud to be from Cameroon, and from Africa, and representing.”

Furkan Korkmaz has played with Embiid since his first days as a Sixer. He offered his congratulations too:

“Joel - he’s a great guy. I’ve been around him for three years, this is my third year with him, so I know him well. I’m really proud of him, what he does. A lot more is coming. I’m also glad that it’s his third year in a row starting in the All-Star game, it’s a really big deal. I’m really happy to be around him.”

The All-Star game is Sunday, Feb. 16.

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