Preseason Profiles | James Ennis III

by Lauren Rosen

If there’s one thing we know for sure about James Ennis III’s pre-season mindset, it’s that he’s happy to be a Philadelphia 76er.

The decision to return to Philadelphia was, in his words, an easy one.

“I’m confident in this group and I believe in this group, and I believe in [Brett] Brown, and Elton [Brand],” Ennis III said upon re-signing with the club. “I know all our guys want to win.

The veteran wingman intends to help the cause. 

What to Watch For

In his short time with the Sixers last season, Ennis III built a reputation as a reliable spark off the bench, ready to contribute with every opportunity.

Logging 15.6 minutes per game after joining the team at the trade deadline, Ennis III averaged 5.3 points and 3.6 rebounds per game, and became a key member of the Sixers' playoff rotation.

Charged with some of the Sixers' most challenging defensive matchups a season ago, Ennis III  spent much of his summer focused on getting even sharper on the defensive end. 

Ennis III’s commitment to the organization isn’t lost on Brand, who addressed the 6-foot-7 wing upon his return: 

“We know you had many opportunities, but you wanted to come back with us and compete for a championship. You should be applauded.”

But perhaps the biggest shift for Ennis III as he looks towards 2019-20 is a new level of comfort. His contract with the Sixers represents some stability, a welcomed development after playing for five other teams.  

“I know my role coming into this year, so I’ll be a lot better,” Ennis III said earlier this month. “I’m going to be more comfortable.”

Ennis III hasn’t been shy about his championship aspirations, which he shares with his team.

“We have a lot of talent and we’re very versatile,” Ennis III said. “I’m going to continue to believe in this team.” 

Off the Court

Ennis III hosted a basketball camp at the community center where growing up he spent long hours of work. Kids gathered at Westpark Community Center in Ventura, CA, for free clinics led by the hometown hero.

Ennis III also discussed his fashion preferences with Brian Seltzer on a recent edition of The BroadCast:

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