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by Lauren Rosen

Tobias Harris is keeping his mind and body in shape during the quarantine.

From books to the bike, Harris is doing everything he can to come back strong when the time comes.

Here’s more of what he’s been up to…

Harris’ daily routine involves taking time for himself, and time to check on his loved ones:

“I’ve been good. Using the time to really reflect, figure out some new hobbies, stay in the best shape that I can with the resources that I have, check in with other people, check in with family, just try to stay busy.”

A true leader on and off the court, in the season and during the hiatus, Harris has made sure to check in on his younger teammates frequently.

“It’s constant communication, and that’s good… Just trying to make sure they’re good, make sure they’re in good spirits.”

Taking time to reflect on his growth as a leader, Harris said he sees a lot of himself in his rookies, Matisse Thybulle and Marial Shayok.

“I always root for the underdogs. That’s my whole thing. I’ve been an underdog my whole career. For me, seeing guys come in that aren’t necessarily a top five pick - seeing a guy like Matisse, a guy like Marial - is, for me, guys that I see a lot of potential in, guys that listen, guys that I see as underdogs to make it. I think that their story is even more powerful once they get to where they want to be.”

And luckily, the rooks are willing to receive his guidance:

“It would be different if Matisse and Marial didn’t listen - then maybe I wouldn’t spend much time or care with them. But they listen, they’re receptive, they want to get better, they work hard, they’re in the gym. I root for guys like that because it reminds me of myself.”

Tobias has been staying in shape with daily workouts at home, including taking spins on his new Peloton bike. True to form, he’s also trying to read every day.

Tobias’ Netflix watchlist:

  • Money Heist

  • Ozark

  • The Wire

Five things Tobias Can’t Live Without in Quarantine:

  • Basketball

  • VersaClimber (his cardio equipment of choice)

  • Cell phone

  • TV

  • Books (of course)

A few more fun facts...

  • Tobias’ favorite color is orange.

  • He’s a morning person.

  • Cauliflower is his favorite veggie.

  • His favorite non-basketball sport is ping-pong:

    • “I think it’s intense. I like watching highlights of that. [I play] from time to time, but I’m not that good.”

  • His all-time favorite destination is Fiji.

Harris signed off with a message to his fans:

“To all the fans: We miss you. I miss you. I miss playing, I miss being on the court, being with my guys, being able to go out there and put on a show for you guys. But we’ve got to stay safe in these times, we’ve got to be informed. Try to use these times to look at the positives, build ourselves, build the people that we’re around, and let this storm pass. I miss you, hope you guys keep on interacting with us, and we always appreciate you.”

Check back in to to post up with more of the 76ers as the hiatus continues.

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