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Splitting the hiatus between the Philadelphia area and with his family in Oklahoma, Shake Milton has spent the last few months staying busy, staying ready, and making a difference.

In April, Milton gave back by donating 500 meals to frontline healthcare workers in Philadelphia.

Here’s some of what he’s been up to since...

While quarantining, Milton said looking for silver linings is key:

“I’m doing well. It’s definitely tough, a little shock to your normal routine. But you just try to take little seeds of goodness and blessings, and just enjoy it for what it is, with the fam.”

Milton has been experimenting in the kitchen, but he admits he’s still a work in progress. Luckily, while home in Oklahoma, he had a chance to learn from two strong chefs in the family:

“Any breakfast thing you want, I’ve got that on lock. Scrambled eggs, veggie bacon, whatever you need. I can whip together some spaghetti, if it’s crunch time. The beyond meat burgers - I’ll whip those up… Thankfully, I’m here with my mom and my little sister, and they like to cook. My little sister enjoys it. They chef it up all the time.” 

Milton also discussed his special relationship with teammate Norvel Pelle. The pair made a splash in the G League last season. Then this year, Pelle signed his first NBA deal:

“Oh man, I’m super proud - that’s my guy. We went through the same thing, going through the G League. As much as he helped me, I helped him. He always made me look good, and helped me out. It’s rewarding to see somebody who puts in the work like that get their time, and get their shine. I’m happy for my guy.”

Milton has also been watching his fair share of TV:

“I finished up Ozarks, I’ve been watching The Sopranos lately, Curb Your Enthusiasm if you want something a little funny, and I’ve got to shoutout The Office - but I’ve seen The Office like five times.”

Some fun facts about Shake…

  • His favorite color is blue.

  • He’s a morning person.

  • His favorite pizza topping is spinach.

  • Soccer is his favorite non-basketball sport.

  • B2K is his favorite boy band.

5 Things Shake Can’t Live Without in Quarantine:

  • PS4

  • Phone

  • His driveway basketball goal

  • YouTube

  • Books

Shake signed off with a message to his fans:

“First and foremost, stay safe. Stay as safe as possible. I hope you’re with your families, I hope you’re enjoying this time. I miss y’all, I can’t wait to get back out there… play, and hopefully bring some type of different enjoyment and excitement to you. Stay safe, count your blessings, be with your family, and show love.”

Check back into to post up with more of the 76ers as the hiatus continues.


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