Posted Up! | Norvel Pelle

Norvel Pelle is getting through quarantine one day at a time.

He’s developed a routine to keep himself healthy, is trying to stay entertained, and always makes time for his Mom.

Here’s more about what Norvel’s been up to…

Like many of us, Pelle is also coming up with creative ways to fill his time:

“I’ve done about everything you can think of --  reorganized my shoes, washed every piece of clothing, cleaned the apartment, played 20 minutes of video games, then switch video games, watched documentaries, read books - I’ve been doing it all. You name it, I’ve done it.”

His daily routine - which always includes checking in with Mom - has gotten pretty consistent:

“I wake up, get a quick workout in, clean up... take a shower, chill, play video games, take a nap. [Sometimes], a light jog around the block to get fresh air. Cook dinner, watch a movie and then pass out. Then do it all over again.”

Spending the hiatus in Philadelphia, Pelle has become quite the chef. He and his cousin, who are quarantining together, alternate nights in the kitchen:

“It’s trial and error. I haven’t cooked in so long, so it’s back to first base. I made a marinated steak with asparagus and white rice. Before that, I made a shrimp and pesto alfredo pasta.”

Asked what he misses most about basketball, Pelle had a clear answer:

“Just being in the atmosphere, around the fans, around the team, the staff, just hearing the ball bounce bounce on the court, being around good energy. I miss all of that, everything. [Time away] makes you appreciate the sport, and the things you do, even more.”

As for Netflix habits, Pelle says he’s been watching more documentaries than TV series. But he has re-watched Breaking Bad, and also watched Tiger King. To stay busy, Pelle has also been reading, listening to music, and has become a bit of an artist:

“I’ve been drawing, and doodling a lot more.”

A few things Norvel cannot live without:

  • Phone (and AirPods)

  • TV

  • Food (and one in particular): “I’ll go crazy if there’s no food, no mandarin oranges.”

  • Music speakers

  • Candles (he has many in the rotation): “the scent, the vibes, the energy it gives off - I need that.”

Pelle also offered a message to his fans:

“I miss y’all, I know we’re in a tough time right now, but we’re going to get through it together. Keep doing what you do, do it better, wash your hands - please wash your hands. And enjoy life, enjoy the time with your family. Basketball’s there, it’ll come back. Stay strong.”

Check back to to post up with more of the Sixers as the hiatus continues.



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