Posted Up! | Kyle O'Quinn

Between bike rides, yoga sessions, and raising newborn twins, it’s been an action-packed hiatus for Kyle O’Quinn.

Here’s more of what he’s been up to…

O’Quinn’s hiatus has been a special one, as he's bonded with his infant twin sons. The newest father among the 76ers dad club reflected on the special connection shared between the fathers on the team:

“I probably talked to Mike Scott the most about it. Me and Mike have a lot to talk about, but [fatherhood is] just a new topic we can add to our conversations. Mike was a big help during the process... I went to Al [Horford] a bunch of times on different topics, considering he’s super involved with his family, and his kids love him to pieces. I had to ask him some questions, and he had to give me straight answers, and he was honored to do so.”

O'Quinn also caught up with fellow twin dad and sixers.com reporter Brian Seltzer for a special Father's Day pod:

Known for his quick wit among his teammates, KO added his jokes don’t seem to be landing quite as well with the babies:

“They don’t think nothing I say is funny. I feel like I can make anybody laugh with very appropriate jokes - but they don’t think nothing is funny. I could make noises, I could make faces, and it’s just either tears, or a blank stare.”

The uniqueness of this time away from the hustle of the NBA season is not lost on the new father:

“I can spend more time, be on daddy duty a little bit more, be more hands on. That’s been a plus - and they’ve been working me.”

In the kitchen, it’s also a family affair:

“I try to go out at least once a week and re-stock on the veggies… I know I can’t go wrong with veggies. I start with the veggies. I do a lot of dips from Trader Joe’s. My sister doesn’t live too far, so if she makes something, she’ll drop it off. We bounce off each other like that.”

Some fun facts about Kyle:

  • He’s a morning person.

  • He likes his coffee black.

  • His favorite pizza topping is basil.

  • Spinach is his favorite vegetable.

  • Baseball is his favorite non-basketball sport.

  • He wears a size 16 shoe.

  • NSYNC is his favorite boy band.

5 things Kyle can’t live without in quarantine:

  • iPhone

  • Yoga room

  • Streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video

  • Bike

  • Family

O’Quinn signed off with a message to the fans:

“You guys are super, super appreciated - by the players, coaches, organization. You guys bring it all the time, every night. As much as we miss the game, we know you guys miss the game. And we miss you guys just as much. Ultimately, everybody has to be safe. Take care of your families. One by one, and we’ll all get through it together. Be safe. Basketball is a game, it’s a privilege, it’s an honor to play, but our health and well-being is number one. Everybody take care of yourself, and we’ll see each other on the other side.”

Check back into sixers.com to post up with more of the 76ers as the hiatus continues.