Playoff Voices | "It's Exciting to be Back"

Tobias Harris has played for five different franchises in his eight NBA seasons. Just once prior to this year had the veteran been on a playoff team - in 2016, with the Detroit Pistons.

On the eve of the 76ers’ first-round opener against the Brooklyn Nets, the 26-year old Harris reflected on the significance of finally getting back to the postseason:

“It’s an exciting feeling just to be back here, something that as a player every year going into the season I strive to be in a position to reach the playoffs. It’s the highest level of basketball at this point of the season, and I’m excited for it. I’m also excited for our team and us getting out there and getting it going.”

“The years I didn’t make the playoffs, it was time for me to just sit back and watch, just look at the team that I was on, and what we could have done better, how we could be better as a team. I also looked at the games in the playoffs, and how the playoffs are played, different things of that nature. It wasn’t a great time, but it was a good time of evaluating.”

“This is a new situation for me now. It’s been a quick turnaround from the trade. I’m still just figuring that out, figuring out the team, figuring out our qualities on the floor, how we’re going to play, and what’s going to make us the most successful out there. It’s always new aspects to it that I look to gain and get better at every day.”

“The night after the regular season ended, we had a real focused team dinner - players, coaches. We just discussed how we’re going to play, what we’re going to do defensively, offensively, what we have to take away from Brooklyn, and how they’re probably going to play us in different scenarios. It was a focused team dinner, and just attentive to detail.”

“I’m really looking forward to it. This is something from the start of the season in LA of having my mindset on getting to the playoffs. To be able to be fortunate enough to be traded to another playoff team, and a team that has a chance to make a long run in the playoffs is amazing to me, so I’m really excited for it.”


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