Playoff Voices | "The Details are Critical"

Jonah Bolden wasn’t on the court long in Monday’s series-tying Game 2 win at Scotiabank Arena, but for the time he was out there, the rookie made a difference. With the 76ers’ once 19-point lead cut to one, he helped the team rebuild its margin thanks to a couple key rebounds, a steal, and a big 3-pointer to open the fourth quarter.

As the 23-year old Bolden has quickly discovered, the playoffs are a different brand of basketball. He’s picking up as much as possible on the fly, while trying to provide a dependable presence off the bench.

“What have I learned about the playoffs? The details of every play, every possession are critical. The attention to detail is magnified. The intensity is taken to another level, and so is the physicality. Personnel becomes much more significant than the regular season, and obviously more significant than the play itself. Coach repeats it a lot, and it’s very true: ‘The playoffs is the players, and not the plays.’”

“No doubt, the more I play, the more comfortable I feel. Comfortability comes with time, so for me, it’s kind of a new season in some forms. Everything’s different, other than obviously the sport. For me, it was coming in fresh, ready to go. The more time I get, the more comfortable I’ll be, and the more comfortable I feel.”

“In Game 2, it was just about everybody knowing their role. Me specifically, guys were telling me if you get the ball just shoot it. That’s kind of what I did when I came in in the third quarter - just sticking to the game plan, knowing I’m out there to help my teammates out in any aspect possible. If it’s getting a rebound at crucial times, or knocking down the three like my teammates ask of me, then that’s what I’ll do."

“The veterans, they give me the utmost confidence and belief in myself. They also instill that every play is critical and significant, so you can’t really take a play off defensively or offensively at this point in the season. So I just try to be ready, whether my time comes in the first quarter or the fourth quarter. I’m always remembering that when I come in I’m going to need to be ready, and my teammates depend on me.”

“As for Thursday, it should be crazy, like it always is here if not more crazy just given how the series is tied. You expect nothing less of Philadelphia fans. They’re fanatical, and behind us, and loud. So we’re definitely going to feel them back here.”

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