Daryl Morey and Nick Nurse

Nick Nurse Introductory Press Conference

On Thursday afternoon, the Philadelphia 76ers, Managing Partner Josh Harris and President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey, introduced Nick Nurse as the team's new Head Coach.

The Press conference has concluded; watch the video below.

Nick Nurse opens his intro...

“I’m super excited to be here. This is a very good team. The tradition, the city as a sporting city, & of this organization is amazing. I’m honored, humbled, & excited.”

Nick Nurse on how he sees his future with this Sixers team...

“This team could be playing tonight… I don’t vibrate on the frequency of the past. Whatever’s happened doesn’t matter to me. I’m looking forward to how we can get it done, from start to finish.”

Source: @LaurenMRosen

Nick Nurse on the NBA Playoffs...

"From day one we're going to talk about that...and that we're gonna try to attack that. We're gonna face it and we're gonna rise above it."

Nick Nurse on Joel Embiid...

"Joel has a lot of attributes, first of all, defensively. He's very, very good. And then offensively, he's very, very skilled. It's a little bit early, but I think once this starts unfolding, and we start learning each other, we're going to try to max it out.

Source: @Sixers