Learning and Growing

by Lauren Rosen

After just four practices inside the bubble, the 76ers are already looking for ways to improve upon their 39-26 start to the 2019-2020 season.

“What were we pretty good at - so we’ve got to double down on? And what weren’t we so good at - we need to address?” Brett Brown asked following prior to Monday’s practice.

Brown said the Sixers’ training camp started with energy from the jump, getting up and down with spirit starting in the first practice. Now, just a few days later, the fine tuning begins.

“We’re still all learning,” Brown said.

Brown explained that part of the learning process has been playing Ben Simmons in multiple positions.

“He’s so dynamic,” Brown said of Simmons. “Let’s just talk about running. There’s nobody faster in the NBA.”

With Simmons and fellow All-Star Joel Embiid both healthy, the ceiling for the duo continues to rise.

“Watching [Ben] fly up the floor, watching Joel and him play off each other has been a really good look. I think they have been fantastic together,” Brown said.

Shake Milton’s standout streak this spring came during a time in which Simmons and Embiid both dealt with injuries. Now, in Orlando, Brown says Milton has started training camp right where he left off in March.

“[Shake has] been amazing,” Embiid said. “I think he has a huge opportunity to help us accomplish what we believe we can. We’re going to need him to knock down open shots. We’re going to need him to keep it going.”

Embiid added that this opportunity to seek improvement, and try new things, comes from a solid fitness base across the roster.

“Everybody is in pretty good shape. That’s exciting. I feel like everybody has put in the work necessary to be here,” Embiid said.

Mike Scott feels it too:

“[Practice has] definitely been very competitive, back and forth. Everyone came in in shape. It’s been great.”

Check back into sixers.com for more updates from inside the bubble.

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