From the Inside, with Brett Brown | Episode 2

From the Inside is an audio diary hosted by Brett Brown. This weekly mini-series from the 76ers Podcast Network brings you exclusive insights and stories from inside the NBA's bubble told directly to you by the Sixers' head coach. Look for new episodes every Thursday or Friday from now through the end of the season. Search '76ers Podcast Network' wherever you get your podcasts to subscribe. Check out the first-person transcription of this week's episode below.

Good morning everybody. This morning, you're going to join in with me on my daily walk.
It's a routine - I get up really early, probably 5:30ish and walk for 10,000 steps. We've got these incredible wearable rings that were provided to us by the NBA, and although it's not a big space, it's probably the size of three football fields.

Houston Rockets home area is here, Brooklyn's over here. I'll circle back and this is our area. There's one side that's a marina. And this was an incredible sort of amazingly quick building. You can see the NBA Barber Shop, which is really outside our room. It took about 18 hours and you blink, and the NBA builds a barber shop for the players. The NBA truly has done something spectacular with the design of this.

On my walks, I really go silent. I really enjoy just silence. For me, it’s just the way to think about what you want to get done during the day – preparation for stuff down the road. I like the peace, and I like the silence.

But yeah, this is my morning walk, and glad that you could be included. 

At our resort, everyone is in close proximity.

I think it's fantastic. It's a youthful feeling. You feel like you're back at college. You're bumping into people - coaches, players. You say hello to people at the restaurant. You feel very much connected to the fraternity because of the environment. Some of it's because you're so secluded – you’re confined to this bubble area. Some of it is just the frequency of unusual visits that you wouldn't normally get with old time friends. 

When I go back to my Spurs roots, I've been in the league for 20 years. I've been with a bunch of staffs, I've had a bunch of staffs as a head coach, I've coached in many Olympic games and overseas, and your network is vast. So to bump into Mike Budenholzer, Sam Presti, Sean Marks, Jacque Vaughn, Monty Williams, either talk with them, have a glass of wine, have a legitimate meal with them. And because you're here for so long, the opportunities to bump into these people is frequent.

I’ve tremendously enjoyed seeing layers like Raul Neto and Kyle O’Quinn have success.
It's two areas to me. You have to be in the moment. You have to stay ready. You have to do it physically first and mentally second. The combination equals when an opportunity presents itself maybe you can do something. Their preparation to be able to play like they played was outstanding. And then second, it's not easy to do that. The respect I have for them as people and as great teammates that's all recognized by their peers. It was a great situation. I'm happy as much for personal reasons as I am for reasons being their coach. 

So we got the OKC pick.
I'd be lying if I said I was following it closely, but I certainly follow it enough to be aware about the irony of it all with Mike Muscala. You smile. There's not much that surprises me as much lately on just dot connection. How did somebody end up some place? Often times it influences paths of franchises. Somebody goes to the right or somebody goes to the left. We all should feel quite proud that in the course of our rebuild you trip on a ping pong ball with Ben Simmons, and a guess-right injury with Joel. Do we draft somebody like that? You blink, and they're NBA All-Stars. They're needle-movers, they're franchise builders, and they're real young. Picks and how people arrive in different spots, I’m always following that. Some of it is a little bit a luck, some of it is a little bit of fate. But yeah, I follow it too. Sometimes reconnecting the dots is also an interesting exercise. 

When I think of the 76ers and the Celtics in the playoffs, the first thing that comes to my mind is me as a young person.
I grew up in New England, I’m the son of a coach. I’ve been around the game my entire life. The Sixers – Celtics history is storied, and it’s especially ever-present in New England in the environment I grew up in. To play it out where I was just a young kid, and now I’m the coach of the Sixers, and once again you’ve got a 76ers – Celtics playoff match-up, I think it’s great. For historical purposes, for sort of just regional and memory perspective purposes. I think for all of those things, the match-up is very exciting.

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