The Hive is Alive

by Brian Seltzer Reporter

If you didn’t think it was real at first, don’t worry. Mike Scott didn’t either.

“I went on Twitter randomly, my mentions were blowing up, and I was like, shoot, what the heck happened?”

Then he saw it.

“I was like, naw man that’s fake.”

Upon further inspection, Scott detected an obvious giveaway.

The 30-year old wingman knows tattoos, and the signs and details of fresh body art.

He could tell this was legit.

“I know about tattoos,” said Scott, who at one point had a tattoo for every single emoji. “He was red around the area, got the little bandana. I was like that’s crazy, man. That’s dope.”

From there, Scott’s response was immediate. 

He sent Twitter user @mdelNBA a DM, and offered up tickets to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals this Sunday at The Center.

A day after finding out about the tattoo, Scott gushed with appreciation about the gesture.

“Shout out to him, I love it,” said Scott, whose previous NBA stops have been with the Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, and LA Clippers. “I’ve never had fans like this since probably UVA. As far as I’ve been in the league, this is the best fans. No disrespect but I’ve never had fans like this. I love it. They embrace me, I embrace them. I feel like I’m one of them.”

Soon after being acquired by the 76ers in a February trade with the Clips, Scott became an instant fan favorite. He hustles, exudes toughness, and competes with attitude.

“I’ve always been like this, I’ve always been down to earth. It feels weird to talk about myself like that, but I just feel like I can relate to the fans.”

And clearly, as the Hive tattoo proves, the fans feel a strong connection to him too.

Scott missed the first two games of the second round of the playoffs due to injury (right heel / plantar fasciitis). He practiced Wednesday at the 76ers Training Complex, and is hopeful to return to action soon.

“I know it’s going to be crazy, know it’s going to be loud,” Scott said of the atmosphere he expects Thursday for Game 3 of the series. “Our fans our going to be loud, going nuts, holding us down like they always do.”

Whether with cheers, or ink.   


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