Embracing the Challenge, Together

by Lauren Rosen

On the third day of the 76ers’ training camp in Orlando, the team is embracing togetherness and the journey ahead.

Brett Brown set a challenge for his team prior to its departure - to arrive in Orlando with a solid fitness base to be built upon.

Even after a single practice, Brown said it’s clear that the Sixers passed that test.

"Are they in decent shape? Did they attain that "B" goal? I can confidently say that I believe that they have," Brown said. “I’m happy with their conditioning.”

Brown added that he believes the team’s fitness level can reach A-range by the time the competitive play begins.

Aside from physical health, there’s a sense of excitement attached to practicing at a high level after time away.

“The freedom of a gymnasium is priceless,” Brown said. “[It] brings you to a level of normality that none of us had.”

The Sixers’ first practice on Saturday, according to Brown, was a challenging and spirited one. Al Horford agrees:

“It was just good to get everybody back together, back working. It was very competitive yesterday. It was very high intensity, so I was very happy with our group.”

Acknowledging the uncharted territory his team has entered, Furkan Korkmaz is ready to embrace the journey.

“We know the challenge is going to be different. It’s going to be tough, we all know that. But we’re working for that,” Korkmaz said.

Adjusting to the new normal inside the bubble, Glenn Robinson III says spirits are high among the group.

“It’s sunny, it’s shining,” Robinson III said. “It’s good to see the whole team, get ready to go in there and practice, and just laugh with the guys a little bit right now.” 

As the team finds its rhythm, Brown is enjoying the simple act of togetherness:

“There is nothing like a team. It’s the thing that I probably missed the most, being away from your job, is the environment of a group.”

Robinson III agrees:

“We’ve just got to maintain, and keep pushing through.”

Check back into sixers.com for more updates from inside the bubble.

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