The BroadCast | A Rookie's Adjustments, Plus NBC Sports Insider Tom Haberstroh

by Brian Seltzer Reporter

The regular season is only two weeks old, but so far, Landry Shamet has managed to carve out a spot in the 76ers rotation.

On this episode of The BroadCast, hear from the rookie swingman, chosen 26th in this year’s draft, about his adjustments to the NBA, and the lessons he's absorbed from some veteran teammates.

Plus, new NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh joins the pod, and shares his thoughts on storylines surrounding the Sixers.

To check out the pod, click below. Be sure to read some excerpts from it as well.

You’ve had an opportunity to work with JJ Redick a lot. How have you learned from him and the coaching staff?

"JJ’s been great. The coaches are great with giving me feedback. I just got done watching film with [assistant coach] Monty Williams, and working out with him. JJ, he’s good with talking to me. We work out after practice every day. It’s been a lot of information to obtain and get in my head in a short period of time, but I think it’s all put me in a good place so far. It’s a matter of continuing to learn, because I still have so much more to learn, and trying to continue to make strides."

You seem to have a good sense of confidence about yourself - even though, as you’ve said, you have a long ways to go, you look like you belong out there.

"I think since, even in college, I remember my freshman year, the year I broke my foot and was out, we had a couple injuries and I started my first college basketball game ever on a team that was top 10, and I wasn’t expected to start. As a freshman coming in, not knowing anything about the whole college basketball landscape, starting my frist game, I got similar kind of things said about me. I think I just try to carry myself even-keeled. Just stay even-keeled as much as I can through highs and lows, which Lord knows, I go through them both. That’s kind of how I try to approach things."

Your social media game is pretty good.

"I will say I’ve been slacking on Twitter, so if anybody’s listening and has been desiring a couple more Landry Shamet tweets, I apologize. I’ve been kind of off Twitter for a while. I just try to be me, be unique, and just people are following me because I’m a basketball player, and keep them focused on my basketball life, and maybe a couple other personal things here and there."

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