The BroadCast | Dr. J Discusses Decision to Vote for First Time

He's an icon. A Hall of Famer. A 76ers legend.

But this year, Julius Erving is also a first-time voter.

On this episode of The BroadCast, Dr. J talks to 76ers Insider Lauren Rosen about voting for the first time.

Lauren Rosen: "Do you remember the first time you voted?"

Julius Erving: "Yesterday."

LR: "Why is that?"

JE: "I wasn't so sure that the vote counted, that an individual's vote counted. Obviously an endorsement is something people could be inspired by, question, or support, and so [previously] my politics were somewhat limited to that. I would try to be an inspiration if I liked someone. I didn't go strictly down a party line. I've been to the White House a number of times for a variety of reasons. The voting piece...was like you've been involved, you've been a player, you've been a participant, but you really haven't voted, but now we checked that box."

Erving also reacted to the Sixers' hiring of Doc Rivers. 

LR: "Doc's nickname is a direct homage to your success."

JE: "There were a lot of Docs before me, so the fact that I became 'Dr. J' and he's 'Dr. G' or 'Dr. Glenn,' that's how we're going to have to do it in Philadelphia. Let's keep the 'J' out there and let's keep the 'G' out there."

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