On the Beat: Brown on Sixers 365, Colangelo on BOB

by Brian Seltzer
Sixers.com Reporter

PHILADELPHIA - On Monday morning, the 76ers announced that Brett Brown will serve as the team’s official on-stage representative at the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery, which will be held next Tuesday, May 17th, at the New York Hilton Midtown hotel.

Brown reacted to the news in the latest episode of the Sixers.com Sixers 365 podcast series.

“You feel a tremendous responsibility to bring as much luck as you can,” Brown said on the podcast.  “It’s one of those things you do feel very proud to represent the club.”

Also Monday morning, Sixers President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo called into The Comcast Network’s Breakfast on Broad morning show, telling the BOB crew, “We are excited that Brett Brown is going to represent this organization and this city.  We’re very proud of the way he’s handled himself and this team over the last few years.  He deserves to be up there, and bring this thing home for us.”

Brown added that recently, whether it be inside the team’s training facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, or while making the local youth hoops rounds with his son, Sam, he can feel fans’ anticipation for the lottery “all the time.”

During their respective interviews, Brown and Colangelo touched upon several other key storylines surrounding the Sixers as well.  Brown mentioned that just a few days ago, he conducted an on-court session involving Joel Embiid.

“He’s moving well,” said Brown.  “I think his spirit’s fantastic. Everything is looking great right now.  I’m thrilled for him, he deserves it, he put in the time, and I thought he looked good in the workout the other day.”

Colangelo provided additional comments on Embiid’s status, saying, “[Embiid] has been on the court, working out slowly and methodically getting back to the point where he’s going to be ready for some five-on-five type competition.  At what point, I’m not sure yet, but he looks terrific in his drill work.  He’s coming along.  That’s not to get over-hyped about it.  It’s just to say he’s progressing well, and that’s encouraging for all of us.”  

Brown also offered an update on Jahlil Okafor.

“I think in the next few weeks, we’ll be able to see him get back on a court, and start inching his way back into playing basketball again.”

Okafor underwent a minor procedure on March 22nd to repair a small meniscus tear in his right knee.

Both Brown and Colangelo shared insights on Dario Saric, too.  This fall, the Sixers expect the forward to be with the team.  Brown communicated with the 22-year old Croatian this past Sunday.  

“He so much wants to be a part of the 76ers organization when we speak,” Brown said.  “I ended up sending him a photo of a young kid in the stands with a Saric jersey on, and the response is like what it is, ‘I can’t wait to get [to Philadelphia].’”

Saric, now in his second campaign with Turkish Basketball Super League affiliate Anadolu Efes, is set to complete regular season competition on Monday.  Saric recently compiled a 10-game stretch during which he averaged 15.0 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 26.0 minutes, while shooting 51.5 percent (50-97) from the field.  

“I think what Brett and I are planning to do is taking a trip over to Istanbul here shortly,” Colangelo said by phone on The Comcast Network.   “We’re going to sit down with him, we’re going to sit down with perhaps members of his family, his agent.  We’re going to talk about all the alternatives, and why we think it’s a good time for him to come over right now.  I think this is a great opportunity for him.  We think this is good timing for him.”

Last week, Colangelo was busy finalizing two noteworthy additions to the Sixers’ front office.  He tapped Marc Eversley, formerly of Toronto and Washington, to be the team’s new Vice President of Player Personnel, and Ned Cohen to act as the club’s Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff.  Cohen had worked for the NBA league office since 2004. 

“Very excited to have them join us,” said Colangelo.  “Ned, he’s really a genius when it comes to the game of basketball, the way the league operates, he knows everybody in the league, he’s got great contacts.  He’s really highly regarded as a human being in the business, which it’s not always the easiest thing to find, someone who knows how to handle themselves with class and dignity all the time, and do it under high pressure situations.  He’s just got a real mastery of a lot of different issues, and I think he’s going to be a very valuable asset to us.

“Marc, I do have a working relationship with him.  I pulled him out of Nike about 10 years ago.  He was involved in player or athlete relationship management.  Those are the individuals that basically go out and scout the talent, negotiate with the talent, ultimately decide or recommend to the higher ups at Nike or the shoe companies who to put the money in, who to endorse.  Marc has a very good eye for talent, and I’m anxious to get him back in the fold, because over the years, we made some good selections in Toronto.  He went on to do the same in Washington with the Wizards.  He’s a great hire for our personnel efforts, for sure.”  

Brown called the hires “A-plus” moves.  

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