Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey laugh during 76ers practice

Philadelphia 76ers Training Camp News and Updates

News and updates from the team's first week of practices together.

Training camp for the 2022-23 Philadelphia 76ers is officially underway in Charleston, South Carolina.

Training Camp Voices | Day 4


Korkmaz on Joel Embiid’s growth…

“With Joel, I feel like I should call him the head of the snake. However he acts, however he talks to people, that brings the whole team up. I feel like he is really being bossy there, the last two years. He’s talking more, he’s being around more, I think that really helps for the team chemistry.”

Korkmaz added that the communication among this group over camp has been top-notch….

This year, everybody is positive. Everybody likes to talk. You know, there are some guys that are really good guys, but they don’t like to talk - they’re just quiet guys. This year I see a lot of guys here, and they like to talk. So that’s a good thing.


On the team’s week in Charleston, including weathering the hurricane together...

“I actually was surprised with how much we were able to bond together, on and off the court. When we sit in the hotel, and have nothing else to do but eat a meal together, it’s a really nice chance to sit, chat, and build that off-court chemistry… To be stuck together ended up not being such a bad thing.”

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Only 17 days until tip.

Training Camp Voices | Day 3


On Joel Embiid’s season ahead…

“Last year was an MVP year in my opinion. Just to follow up on that, figure out ways that he can be better for our group as well - very small things. Joel is Joel. He comes to play every single night, always has great energy, and always wants to be as dominant as he can be.”


On Matisse Thybulle’s growth in the offseason...

“I’m so proud of him. So far, you can tell he put in the work all summer. He’s been amazing. He’s made a lot of improvement, and that’s what we want. He’s been doing an amazing job.”

On the team’s historical and cultural immersion in Charleston...

“We went to a few museums. It was good to learn about the history, slavery, and all that happened with my people, my African people, coming here. The people that gave their lives for us to be able to be in this position. It was great to learn about all of that.”

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Only 18 days until tip.

Training Camp Voices | Day 2


On the team bonding in Charleston...

“This year, I’ve been trying to be more vocal, be more of a leader - talk more, defensively and offensively. We’re just having a lot of fun, man. After practice yesterday, I spent, from 4:30 or 5:00 to 11:00 with Joel, James, P.J., [De’Anthony], Tobias, and Georges. What’s that, six, seven hours? That’s big, that’s big for team camaraderie, and it’s been great for us so far. We played a game, laughed, talked, ate… It was fun.”


On the Tyrese Maxey/James Harden backcourt...

“I think Tyrese and James can match up with any backcourt in the league, honestly. James Harden - he’s a three-level scorer, and he’s diming that thang. Tyrese Maxey - it’s almost impossible to guard him, unless your name is Paul Reed. Even me, I be struggling sometimes - he comes off that screen, you never know what he’s going to do. It’s very interesting to just watch their greatness and learn from it. I’m just glad to be in this position and learn from them.”


On the team's defensive aspirations...

“Starting out the season, I think if we’re the best defensive team, then we’ll be the best team in the league. Every year, the top one to three defensive teams are always right there at the end, and that’s what it’s about. We know if we get stops, then we’ve got a chance to win every single night.”

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Training Camp Voices | Day 1


On day one with his new Sixer teammates…

“To see all the guys out here, see all the staff, coaches, everything - it was good. We had a great day of teaching new schemes, defense, offense, getting acclimated with dudes, getting out there and running around with each other. It was definitely a great day for us.”

On joining the Sixers alongside fellow newcomers P.J. Tucker, Danuel House Jr., and Montrezl Harrell this season:

“When I first got traded, I was like, ‘This team could be a championship team.” Then adding [P.J., Danuel, and Montrezl] just gives us more weapons, and I think we’re going to be even more dangerous, offensively and defensively, which is important.”


On the team’s defensive potential…

“I feel like we’ve got a chance to be a real great defensive team. We’ve just got to put the pieces together, continue working on our shell, make sure we execute and guard, box out, rebound - I think the sky’s the limit.”

On his early days as Tyrese Maxey’s teammate…

“Tyrese Maxey is the guy. He’s going to be a real good individual, he’s going to play the game, he’s always getting extra work. He’s a student of the game, he’s always learning. He’s a joy to play with.”

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Only 22 days until tip.