76ers Podcast Network | The Daryl Morey Interview

The emtion couldn't be masked. 

From the moment Daryl Morey opened his mouth during Monday's introductory press conference, you could tell the vibes were sincere. 

The former NBA Executive of the Year said he "couldn't believe" he wound up being named the 76ers' new president of basketball operations. 

With Morey in place, Elton Brand locked in as general manager, and Doc Rivers settling in as head coach, the Sixers are feeling good about the future. 

On this episode of The BroadCast, 76ers Insider Brian Seltzer goes one-on-one with Daryl Morey, as a new era officially gets underway. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

Brian Seltzer: It feels like there's kind of some familiarity with you coming here. Do you feel that way?

Daryl Morey: "I do, in the sense that I'm sort of a Midwest, Northeast guy. Second, I am happy for Elton and Sam and those who set things up to have Joel and Ben. It's why you go through all the tough seasons. At some level I feel bad. I feel like others have driven the car the whole way and I just need to bring it in at the end. Hopefully we do that. It's a great roster to work with, I love the fans, so I'm excited." 

BS: Did you see yourself being here three weeks after your time in Houston came to an end? 

DM: "I didn't know. I was sort of excited to do it, because some good friends like Sam went through a 'what-am-I-doing-next' period. I was actually sort of looking forward to that. I did not think an opportunity would come along quickly. My good friend Jeff Van Gundy, he left coaching and now 15 years later, he hasn't done something yet. It hasn't aligned for him. To have something align quickly, I was so, so happy. Sometimes when you take a step away, will anyone have interest? You don't know. You just don't know. I was looking forward to that time. My family's angry with me. They were like, 'I thought you were supposed to spend time with us.' I was like, 'Yeah, a good opporutnity came along. Forgive me please.' Luckily they're old enough they can understand something great came along.

BS: I have to believe there's an itch to win burning within you.

DM: "Burning would be understatement. Frankly, I've had the opportunity to get certain accolades, make it to the conference finals, getawards, all this other stuff that doesn't matter. I'm looking only on championship probability. I just feel like I haven't accomplished much unless I can somehow get that done." 

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