Tyrese Maxey poses for a photo during 2022-23 NBA Media Day

2023 NBA Media Day Recap

The Philadelphia 76ers held their 2023 Media Day on Monday, October 2.

The team's President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey, and Head Coach Nick Nurse took the podium, and fans got to hear from veterans Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, Tyrese Maxey, and others who plan to meet with the media.

Media Day started at 10AM EST. Watch a replay of the full live stream:



"There's a lot of optimism and excitement about the season in this building. We have the MVP of the league [Joel Embiid]. We have one of the great up-and-coming players in Tyrese Maxey. We've got winning players in Tobias [Harris] and [De'Anthony] Melton. We've got additions we love in Pat Beverley, Kelly Oubre, and Mo Bamba. We've got young, great players like Paul Reed. We come in here every day and feel like we're going to show the league that this is a team that can win... Let us show you. Let us show you in the regular season, let us show you in the playoffs. So I would ask for that. I love the Sixers fans. I know they're going to be there, I know they're going to be passionate."


Nick Nurse on his "Expect to Win" mantra:

"It's been with me probably since I entered professional coaching way back 30-some years ago. I think a lot of my training and background has put me in funky situations where guys are in and out. It kind of trains you to get that mindset of 'OK, well, game's on here. There's got to be a way we can put a game plan together, there's got to be a way we can play hard enough, and there's got to be a way we can figure out to win."


Joel Embiid on Philadelphia:

“I love Philly, I've been here my whole career... If we were to win a championship, it would be for the city and the fans because they deserve it."


Tyrese Maxey on leaving no doubt:

"It ["Leave No Doubt" LND bracelet]'s still on my wrist now. LND is something that my dad told me. He used to text it to me before every game at Kentucky. It means a lot to me. There's always doubt in other people's hearts. As a human being, you try not to worry about what other people think of you, but it's always in the back of your mind. For me, I go out there and leave no doubt. If it's something that they think I can't do -- like my defense or my playmaking skills, if it's me being able to shoot the ball -- I come in every year and try to leave that doubt out. It's just a motto of mine that keeps me going, keeps me pushing, keeps me able to get up every single early morning and just working. Trying to get 1% better every day, so I make sure there is no doubt at the end of the day."

Before taking the podium, himself, Maxey tried his hand at reporting.

De'Anthony Melton and Patrick Beverley on Tyrese Maxey:

Melton: "Me and Tyrese have prepared and we're ready to share the court more this year. We've been talking about it a lot and understanding what we need to do to help each other out and help this team. I think we're both really excited and everything that we bring to the game can definitely complement each other."

Beverley: "[Maxey]'s really good with the ball in pick-and-roll and iso. He's always got a smile on his face. When life gets hard, it doesn't really beat him up. Great character person and a person like that who is always smiling, always enjoying life, you appreciate people like that. Not just on the basketball court, off also."



B-Ball Paul out the mud at Media Day.


Danuel House Jr. on playing for 76ers Head Coach Nick Nurse:

"I love his energy. He wants you to play with courage. He wants you to get outside. Yes, everyone's a basketball player, but you don't have to be scripted. Like, play basketball. And he's willing to live with mistakes and growth, as long as you're showing growth and hustle. Those are things that I like, especially in the game of basketball because you've got to take risks at times to get the job done, and he's shown that he's willing to do that."



Mo Bamba on now being teammates with longtime workout partner Joel Embiid:

"It shows how life can come full circle. It's going to be a little different now that I'm his teammate. You go from [Embiid as a] mentor to friend to teammate. I'm looking forward to just seeing his work ethic and seeing what he puts into the game on any given night. Because I think, on the outside looking in, you only see things like maybe a little warmup on the court before the game and then obviously the game and you say hello after the game. But I think seeing how things translate from the weight room, to practice, to the court, to the game is going to be fun to see."

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