Celebrating the Career of Broadcaster Marc Zumoff

76ers Celebrate Marc Zumoff's Memorable Career

Rivers, Brand, Morey, and More Reflect on Broadcaster's Contributions

"We're running tonight…"


"Turning garbage into gold!"

"Hold me back, fam!"

"We're coming in for a landing…"

These are just a few of the signature phrases that came to define Marc Zumoff over the course of his 27-year stint as the television play-by-play announcer for the 76ers.

To know the George Washington High School and Temple University product, however, is to understand that his defining qualities go far deeper than calling makes and misses. 

Upon Zumoff's retirement announcement, members of the Sixers' leadership team spoke about the broadcaster's significance to the franchise, city, and NBA. 

Doc Rivers, 76ers Head Coach

"I think 'Zoo' was the first one to say, 'I'm not calling him Doc.' It was kind of in gest, but I played into it, and so we just kept going with it. Then, all of a sudden, I become the coach of the 76ers and he's put in a tough spot, but we went on with it. I actually really respected it. I thought it was funny. 

"What I enjoyed the most about working with him this past season is that I actually got to know him better. I got to talk to him more. He got to see me more, and it became more than our schtick of Doc and Glenn. It really started getting down to respect. He's one of the best in the business, and he always has been. We're going to miss him, the NBA is going to miss him, and obviously the fans are going to miss him."

Elton Brand, 76ers General Manager

"Being a huge NBA and basketball fan, watching and hearing 'Zoo' commentate from afar, you always associate the voice with the team, like that 2001 season with Allen Iverson. Then as a player for the Sixers, it was a real treat to have him call the games I played in.

"My favorite call of his that I can remember that I was in the game and then rewatched was Andre Iguodala going and knocking down those two free throws for us to upset the Bulls in 2012. There was the excitement of the city, and he resonated with the city. 

"The way he would study, the way he would want to be extremely accurate, and talk to you for five to 10 minutes, just to make sure he was representing what he saw, and how you felt. He went above and beyond every time to make sure he got the play right and your sentiment right. As an executive, he did the same thing - speaking about the draft, free agency, and how your mind works going through these things. He wanted to make sure our fans were in the know as much as they could be. 

"We had a friendship, so I was privileged to have this friendship last. I admired his preparation, his passion, his commitment to the art of play-by-play. He's one of the most respected figures in that industry. Not just a colleague, but to call him a friend. We'd root for each other. He'd root for me to do a great job, and I'd certainly root for him. 

"For nearly 30 years, Marc, you've been synonymous with 76ers basketball. You're part of the fabric of Philadelphia. You provided more than just facts and stats. You captured the moments in a way that people who live and breathe Philadelphia sports really loved. You'll be missed by the fans, and certainly missed by me. 

Daryl Morey, 76ers President of Basketball Operations

“When I arrived in Philadelphia, I knew that Marc Zumoff was an integral part of the 76ers organization and basketball as a whole throughout the city. He has played such an important role in our franchise’s history and was the voice of our team for a generation of Sixers fans. 'Zoo' is Philly through and through, and we were lucky to have him on the mic for nearly 30 years. I wish he and his family nothing but the best and thank him for all he did during his storied career as a Sixers broadcaster.”

Lara Price, 76ers Chief Operating Officer

"Marc Zumoff, I can't believe he's retiring. I'm so happy for him and his amazing family. He's been such an incredible friend, partner, and teammate. I'll never forget when I first started at the 76ers, he introduced me to everyone. He was looking out for me and introduced me to one of my best friends. That's just who he is in a nutshell. The memories that we have - from the 2001 Playoff run up to training camp at the University of North Carolina up to the present, it's been an incredible ride. We're really going to miss him, but so happy for him in this next step. I wish him all the best, but I know we're going to be friends forever."

Chris Heck, 76ers President of Business Operations

“'Zoo' is the friend, brother, or the uncle that always makes us feel excited about our 76ers. We have known this feeling for decades and will always look back fondly on how 'Zoo' was welcomed in our homes on our TV's and always in our hearts. He is what makes Philly sports so great. We are so grateful for what he gave our organization and fans for nearly 30 years.”

Scott O'Neil, 76ers Chief Executive Officer

“‘Zoo’ is a Philadelphia treasure who has brought incredible joy, insights and passion to the Philadelphia sports community for years. I am grateful and incredibly proud to call this broadcasting legend a friend and member of our Philadelphia 76ers family - his words, perspective and impact is engrained on our franchise history for all time. When I see Dolph Schayes, No. 4 banner hanging from the rafters over our home court, I smile to think that Marc was one of the first to acknowledge and drive the retirement of that historic number. When Im watching any basketball game and see a offensive rebound and put back, I hear Marc’s signature ‘turning garbage into gold’-phrase ringing in my head, and I can’t help but smile. Zoo has brough a signature sensibility, passion and perspective to our 76ers fanbase, our Philadelphia community, the NBA family and global basketball ecosystem - he is, truly, an ambassador of the game whose impact will be felt for generations.”


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