Sixers To Unveil New Projection Technology In 2014-15

by Max Rappaport Writer

Every so often, a visual technology comes along that leaves us speechless. The first color television, the groundbreaking special effects seen in George Lucas’ Star Wars, holographic Tupac Shakur… Experiences like these make us want to go out and tell everyone we know about what we just witnessed.

This fall, the Sixers will unveil an exciting new in-arena addition that they hope will have the same effect.

As part of a larger set of changes to the team’s game presentation this season, the Sixers will join the New Jersey Devils and Cleveland Cavaliers in becoming the first professional sports teams in the nation to adopt the cutting edge projection-mapping technology permanently.

Image projection itself is not a novel concept in the NBA. In fact, the Sixers utilized the technology during the 2012 Playoffs. But this new system, developed by Quince Imaging, is a game-changer, projecting high-definition images onto a flat surface in order to create stunning effects that give the illusion of a third visual dimension. In the Sixers’ case, eight projectors installed throughout Wells Fargo Center will turn the arena floor into a 94-by-50 foot dynamic canvas.

While the Sixers and Cavaliers will be the first NBA teams to utilize image-mapping technology on a nightly basis, it was used last season by the Miami Heat during their 2013 championship ring presentation ceremony last October and by Cleveland during Zydrunas Ilgauskus’ jersey retirement ceremony in March. 

The Sixers plan to use the technology during the national anthem and pregame introductions, as well as during some halftime shows. The projection system is also capable of displaying up-to-the-second information and interacting with users on the court, a feature that Sixers Live Events Manager Derrick Hayes said fans will see at some point in the future.

“It just takes our game presentation to the next level,” Hayes said. “This new technology will allow us to integrate multiple video boards and the entire court create a fully immersive experience for our fans.” 

Beginning this week, Quince Imagine will team with The Famous Group, an award-winning integrated creative agency based in Los Angeles, to develop the Sixers’ 2014-15 intro video. Because of the intricate nature of the project, which will synchronize video boards throughout the arena with the projection system, it will take roughly 45 days to complete the video, just in time to debut before the team’s home opener against the Miami Heat on November 1. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve the show surrounding our games, and this new technology definitely does that,” said Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Tim McDermott. “I can’t wait for our fans to see it firsthand on opening night.” 

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for more on this innovative technology as well as other additions to the team’s in-arena presentation.


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