Sixers Sit Atop OPSL Leaderboard

by Max Rappaport Writer

Last year, the Orlando Pro Summer League introduced a new format to promote a more competitive atmosphere surrounding games. The participating teams played four scheduled contests throughout the week and were seeded by record and a series of tie-breakers*. On the final day of OPSL play, the top seed would face the #2 seed in the championship game, #3 would face #4 to determine third place, and so on. The new format was a success, and the league brought it back again this year.

Going into the final day of scheduled games, the Sixers (3-1) sit atop the OPSL leaderboard. Philadelphia has the day off on Thursday, but with three other games set to take place before Friday’s Championship Day, seeding is still up in the air.

The Sixers are locked into a top-five seed, but are unlikely to finish worse than third; Memphis (2-1) and Orlando (2-1) are the two teams with the best chance of jumping them. Memphis would need to win their game against Houston (0-3) at 7pm and come out on top in at least two of the game’s four quarters in the process. Orlando would need to win their game against Boston (2-1) at 5pm while coming out on top in at least three quarters. Boston and Indiana (2-1) are in the mix as well, but would have to not only win their games today, but also sweep all four quarters in order to have a chance of jumping the Sixers.

Watch Thursday’s games on NBA TV or on via Summer League Live, and make sure to tune in on Friday, as the Sixers play their final game of OPSL.


• Day Seven Championship seeding will be determined by a team’s total points in the league standings

• In the event of a tie, the following tie-breaker steps will be in place:

Tiebreaker 1: Total point differential

Tiebreaker 2: Total points allowed

Tiebreaker 3: Coin flip