Sixers relaunch brand with official change to primary logo

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Sixers relaunch brand with official change to primary logo

Philadelphia, Pa. – June 23, 2009 – The Philadelphia 76ers have officially changed their primary logo and color scheme with a return to the traditional “76ers basketball” logo and the red, white and blue color scheme. The basketball logo was last used during the 1996-97 season and consists of a color scheme that was originally established in 1963 and used during the Sixers’ two championship seasons in 1966-67 and 1982-83.

"By bringing back the old Sixers logo, we are connecting the past with the future," said Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider. "This logo evokes memories of some of this franchise's proudest moments. We also made this change because we understood how much this logo means to our fans, this franchise and to our city. The fans had a big input on this decision. We're excited and we want the entire City of Philadelphia to be excited for Sixers basketball."

"The 76ers logo is one of the more iconic in all of professional sports and we are sure fans will appreciate the Sixers returning to their core colors and ball icon," said Christopher Arena, NBA Vice President Apparel, Sporting Goods & Basketball Partnerships.

This is the first major logo change for the Sixers since the 1997-98 season, when the logo was modernized to incorporate black, silver and gold into a stylized “76ers” wordmark that featured a predominant red and silver star to the left and a gold ball with blue stripes below. From 1963 through 1997, the Sixers' identity revolved around a “76” in red and royal blue and a star configuration above the number seven, which was an identity that defined the team through two NBA Championships. The 76 and stars were utilized within a bell symbol from 1963-77 and then the “ers” was added to the "76" and contained in a ball. The ball form of the logo is what is most recognized and most associated with the “Fo’, Fi’, Fo’” championship team of 82-83, one of the greatest teams in NBA history. The only enhancement with the new logo will be a rectangular “court” shaped enclosure around the ball logo with the city name “PHILADELPHIA” grounded along the bottom and silver accent shaping the entire perimeter.

The Sixers will introduce a new secondary logo and wordmark at a later date. Additionally, the team will unveil a new court design and uniforms later this summer.

Thoughts from the Philadelphia and NBA community

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

“The Sixers are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA, and the new logo represents the very best of the Sixers tradition. It’s great to see it making a comeback.”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

"Seeing the return of the 76ers old logo with the red, white, and blue colors brings me back to the time of growing up watching Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Dr. J, and those great teams. I am excited now, as I was then, for Sixers basketball."

Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers, 1976 – 1987

“I always felt the Sixers were the patriotic team. Boston always had the parquet floor. You’d go to L.A. and everything was gold, white, with a touch of blue. Our thing was red, white and blue. This floor reaps of that when you look at our logos. We’re true red-blooded American by design.”
- as told to NBA Entertainment

Bobby Jones, Philadelphia 76ers, 1978 – 1986

“I am happy the Sixers are going back to the ‘old' logo. I like it because it is clear and clean and a simple representation of the historical value of the City of Philadelphia to this nation. It also represents some very good teams that have played under that logo.”

Earl Cureton, Philadelphia 76ers, 1980 – 1983

“There are many things you can change with a changing of the times, but every now and then you have a perfect fit and the original 76ers logo is one of them. People will always relate to the original logo when thinking of the great legendary players like Dr. J, Bobby Jones, Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Darryl Dawkins, Andrew Toney, Maurice Cheeks, and all others who have contributed to the success of this great establishment.”

Franklin Edwards, Philadelphia 76ers, 1981 – 1984

“The first thing that comes to mind about the logo is draft day 1981. Words will never do justice to what that logo meant. From that day on, it has been imprinted in my mind. The logo represents the beginning of my professional dreams and career. It represents the organization that had more faith in me and my abilities than I may have had in myself at the time. Most of all, it represents a total commitment towards excellence at the highest level. When I got to Philadelphia, that logo represented going for it all every year.”

Pat Williams, Philadelphia 76ers GM, 1974 – 1986

“The traditional 76ers logo is back and I am so pleased. That look brings back memories of the 76ers historic past. It’s a beautiful logo filled with meaning to millions.”