The 44th annual Harvey Pollack NBA Statistical Yearbook is now available and as usual contains information about the NBA that is not printed elsewhere.

The book contains 334 pages of data about not only the past season but also many tables of the history of many categories since their inception. In addition to the statistical data, Hall of Famer Pollack also files every available space with loads of NBA trivia and unusual information about past and present NBA players, coaches and teams.

For example the book spotlights the length of every field goal by every player in the 2009-2010 season, the plus-minus of every player, the complete listing of every dunk both by total and description, the crunch time performances, 48-minute projections, the 50 types of injuries, and the list of all the technical fouls, suspensions and fines.

There also is a complete comparison of the Wilt Chamberlain-Bill Russel rivalry, and lists of many Wilt's great feats that still are NBA records 37 years after he retired. There are many types of player evaluations created by NBA experts, lists of colleges and high schools that provided NBA players, and a table of all the left handed players in league history. There also are such unique features as players with tattoos, 20 year history of draft choices, list of every coach since the league was formed in 1946, tabulations of offensive fouls, walks, goaltendings, loose ball fouls, three point and four point plays, and even salaries of the 64 top paid players.

The book shows the youngest and oldest players in league history, the history of the NBA lottery, the players who changed their original names, a complete day to day breakdown of each division of last season, a list of players born outside the USA, age, experience and height and weight comparisons. Suffice to say every page is filled from top to bottom with interesting NBA material.

There is a limited number of books available that cost $20 by check or money order sent to the 76ers, Wells Fargo Complex, 3601 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

The 44th annual Harvey Pollack NBA Statistical Yearbook is also available for download HERE.


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