The Influence of a Military Household

Earlier this year, shortly after Mike Scott was traded to the 76ers from the LA Clippers, the veteran wing man provided us with a first-person account of various factors and life experiences that shaped him into the person he's become. 

With it being Memorial Day Weekend, we thought we'd reshare a brief passage from Scott's piece about what it was like being raised in a military household. 

Toughness, you can’t fake that. It’s got to be genuine.

I think I get my toughness from a bunch of places. My dad was in the Marines. He’s retired now, but was in the service for 25 years - straight out of high school. Being raised by him, that was tough. He didn’t take nothing. He was a drill sergeant, did tours in Desert Storm, Iraq, and all that. He was a beast. He was tough, in shape. Now he done got fat and old and retired, as he should. He had a crazy life. But growing up, I couldn’t go to no parties, didn’t have no girls in the house. It was basketball and school work, school work and basketball.

Coming from Virginia, where I’m from in the 757, you can’t be soft. My dad used to make me play with the older guys, and to be honest, they used to punk me. ‘You got to get tougher,’ they said. They wouldn’t call me soft, but I probably was timid. Yeah, a little soft, a little frail. I didn’t really have that tough mentality, that tough demeanor until I started getting a little older.

And as we saw down the stretch of this past season, it was the type of presence from which the Sixers certainly benefited from having on their roster.

To read the rest of Mike's article, click here.


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