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The team recognized the 50th Anniversary of the franchise's first NBA championship, which came in the 1954-55 season when the Syracuse Nationals beat Fort Wayne in the NBA Finals.
Worn: During the 2004-05 Season
Jan. 3 at Golden State
Jan. 15 at Detroit
Feb. 24 at New York
March 8 vs. Golden State
March 27 at the LA Lakers

The Sixers were outfitted in their two-tone 1965-66 uniforms, which are detailed with ‘PHILA’ tackle-twilled just below the number on the front of the white and red, mesh jerseys.

Worn: During the 2003-04 Season

February 5, vs. LA Lakers
March 30, vs. Golden State


The Sixers honored the 20th Anniversary of the team that won the 1982-83 NBA title. The team wore their 1982-83 road uniforms, and in a halftime tribute, reunited members of the 1983 team.

Worn: During the 2002-03 Season

March 14, vs. Portland

2009-present - On September 23, 2009, The Philadelphia Sixers have re-designed their uniforms to feature the team’s new primary “76ers basketball” logo and red, white and blue color scheme. Trimmed in blue and red, the team will wear white uniforms with blue lettering with red numbers at home. On the road, the team will wear red uniforms trimmed in blue and white with white lettering and numbers.

2007-2009 - On February 14, 2007, the Sixers debuted a secondary road uniform with red as the predominant color accented by the team’s other official colors of white, blue, black, silver and gold. These secondary road uniforms will be worn for a minimum of six games each season, up to a maximum of 15.

The red uniforms, produced by adidas, feature a new “PHILA” wordmark across the chest in a design similar to the team’s primary logo as well as white and blue stripes around the V-neck. The jerseys will also feature the same font as the as the team’s current home and road uniforms. The red shorts are adorned with the Sixers secondary logo above a blue accent on the side of the left leg.

1997-2009 - The Sixers unveiled a completely new look including the first major logo change since becoming the Philadelphia 76ers in August of 1963. In keeping with the traditional red and blue, the logo was “modernized” by adding silver, gold and black. For the first time in franchise history, the Sixers wore black uniforms on the road. Trimmed in red and gold, the jersey that features the word “SIXERS” on the front with white numbers trimmed in red on the back. At home, a white jersey features black numbers trimmed in red. Philadelphia added a hot new second road uniform combining the styles of the old and the new.
1994-97 (64-182) - This uniform was actually a throwback to the classic Sixers look. Designed by Lucy Loeb, the front featured “SIXERS” in a more ornate block
lettering. This garb was white with red and blue trim at home and red with white and blue trim on the road.
1991-94 (86-160) - The Sixers uniform was redesigned by Champion Products and was a departure from the classic Sixers uniform. The design featured multicolored stars against a royal blue field that curved up from shorts to the jersey. The background of the away uniform remained red.
1978-91(679-387) - The NBA begins to regulate uniform changes more closely. A rule is installed by the league requiring teams to use an exclusive outfitter and alert the NBA one year in advance of a design change. This uniform becomes the Sixers’ hallmark, with the numeral surrounded by stars on the shorts. The road color returned to red. The uniforms were manufactured first by Wilson, then by Sand Knit. The 76ers played more games in this uniform (1,066) than any other in the history of the franchise.
1977-78 (55-27) - The lettering on the jersey was readjusted, with home uniforms lettered in blue and outlined in white and red, while away uniforms were royal blue with white lettering in red trim.
1976-77 (50-32) - Another one-shot uniform surfaced, this time with a theme. In honor of the Bicentennial, the team turned to the cursive lettering and trim numerals of the 1970-71 season. The new uniforms were designed by Pat Williams, Al Domenico, Billy Cunningham and Sonder Levitt Advertising.
1971-76 (144-266) - SonderLevitt Advertising designed a uniform that had a much longer lifespan than its predecessor. With the new art deco-like lettering, the uniforms retained the star-inset blue side stripe, a graphic element that remained a feature through the 70’s. Away uniforms were royal blue with white side stripes and stars.
1970-71 (47-35) - With its red-in-blue and cursive lettering, the Sixers’ next official home uniform (the old red garb was retained for away games), did not please Sixers suppliers. Midseason trades meant impossible turn-around times for these custom-sewn, flowing script uniforms. In the middle of the season a switch is made and “Seventy Sixers”, in script, replaces “PHILA” on the front of the uniform.
1966-70 (227-100) - The Sixers went to the straightforward look during their first championship run. Simple block letters with the traditional “PHILA” on the front replaced the star-spangled banner look. Road uniforms became red with blue lettering and white trim.
1965-66 (55-25) - A two-tone uniform with a high waistband and long, baggy trunks was introduced. The players considered it flashy and uncomfortable to play in and it was abandoned after one season.
1963-65 (74-86) - The Sixers opened their run in Philadelphia with a Betsy Ross-inspired uniform. Adorned with a circle of stars on both the shorts and the back of the jersey surrounding the player’s number, the stars quickly became a hallmark of the Sixers uniforms. The road uniform was dark blue with red lettering and numbers. Midway through the ‘64-65 season the style of the letters and numbers was changed.


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