Sixers Youth Foundation, City of Camden Open Learn & Play Center

Last Friday, the Sixers Youth Foundation and City of Camden hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Jackie Robinson Community Center to unveil a new Learn & Play Center. The event was attended by 76ers President Chris Heck, 76ers Executive Director of Social Responsibility Amy Hever, and Camden Mayor Frank Moran.

“This really represents what the foundation is trying to do, which is focus on youth development,” said Amy Hever, 76ers Executive Director of Social Responsibility. “This is just one of the ways in which we express that work, by helping to build and increase access to places to play.”

The organizations supported the center by purchasing and installing computers, work stations, and necessary equipment to best prepare middle-school aged students for success. In addition to the Learn & Play Center, the project included finishing the basketball court and painting the surrounding walls.

“Our children can play, and get physically fit, but also educate their minds and get fit in their brains,” Camden Mayor Frank Moran said. “So we are just excited about everyone who’s gathered here today to continue to move our great city forward.”

The Jackie Robinson Community Center serves nearly 200 youth per day during the school year and reaches more than 500 youth daily during the summer months.

The event concluded with a basketball clinic led by the 76ers legend World B. Free.



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