Sixers Youth Foundation Celebrates The Holidays With Special Coaching Café Parties

The Sixers Youth Foundation got in the holiday spirit by hosting special Coaching Café holiday parties at Philadelphia’s Emlen Elementary School and Warren G. Harding Middle School.

In addition to each school’s already-scheduled Coaching Café program, the Sixers Youth Foundation helped spread holiday cheer by providing all students, parents and caregivers in attendance a special dinner and Q&A session with Philadelphia 76ers alumni Jumaine Jones.

Of course, what would the holidays be without presents? Students who took part in these special Coaching Café programs all received 76ers merchandise, as well as a $25 gift card to local stores.

The Sixers Youth Foundation’s Coaching Café program occurs bi-weekly at both Emlen Elementary and Harding Middle School, encouraging students and their families to come together after school. Each session includes 30-60 minutes of physical activity conducted by Up2Us and 60 minutes of the fast-paced, mathematics-based board game Sixers Math Hoops. All of this is then followed by a nutritional meal for all to enjoy.

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