76ers Mentorship Program presented by Snipes

MENTORSHIP Presented by Snipes


Supporting Young People

The 76ers continue to support young people in our communities through mentorship programs with staff participation, including Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence and the Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund.

While National Mentoring Month is celebrated in January, the need for mentors is ongoing. There are 8.5 million youth nationwide who need someone in their corner, a mentor.

Marquise Watson, Philadelphia 76ers employee and Big Brother

"I'm grateful for the mentorship opportunities the 76ers have provided me with over the years. My mentees and I have had the chance to learn and grow together along this journey, and that's the most beautiful part of it all. The memories and impact we've had on each other are priceless and exceeded all of my expectations."

- Marquise Watson

76ers Employee and Big Brother


76ers Tip of the Cap presented by New Era

Tom McElvoque

Tom McElvoque has been a mentor for 50 years and was honored at the 76ers game with the Tip of the Cap, presented by New Era.


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