The BroadCast | City Edition Spotlight

by Brian Seltzer Reporter

The ‘sweatshirt gray’ color scheme. The unmistakable Circle of Stars on the front. The red, white, and blue trimming around the waistline.

Everywhere you look on the 76ers’ new Nike City Edition uniforms, there are nods to Philadelphia’s history and heritage, as well as timely tie-ins to the ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’ film series.

On this edition of The BroadCast, we go all-in on the City Edition unis.

T.J. McConnell joins the podcast to discuss his involvement in the launch campaign for the jerseys, while ESPN Senior Writer Zach Lowe calls in to share his thoughts on the Sixers’ fresh threads (Zach also offers insights on the Sixers’ performance to start the season).

To check out the pod, click below. Be sure to read some excerpts from it as well.

Give us your fashion review of the City Edition uniforms.

TM: "You know, that’s not my line of work. I think they’re cool. Kind of shows the heart of the city. I like the gray, a nice little change of pace. Hopefully we play well in them."

How did you find out about the photo shoot in the Kissin Fresh Meats factory?

TM: "They told me about, and I said let’s go all in with it. I wanted to re-enact that scene from ‘Rocky.’ It was frigid in there, but it was fun."

How seriously do the Sixers, on the business sie, take branding and marketing relative to other teams in the NBA?

ZL: "I think the Sixers have...a deep sort of respect and understanding [that] this is an original NBA franchise, essentially, with a pretty glorious and important history. Not only that, an identity that’s linked to American history, a system of iconography - red, white, and blue; stars; all that. Let’s be careful, because that’s a pretty significant brand of art, and a pretty significant look, and this is the franchise of Wilt and Dr. J."

What have been your impressions of Joel Embiid’s start to the season?

ZL: "I think defensively he’s even better than he was last year. His post game is just outrageous. They’re just no one who can stop him. I don’t see as many wild turnovers from him. That was sort of the next leap for him. I think he’s handled that a little bit better. Part of that is no one can stop him without fouling him. He’s on the free throw line the entire game."  

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