"Adam Goodes is an Australian rules football player who inspired me by the way he handled himself on the football field. He was called multiple racist things, a lot of racist slurs were thrown towards him, he was booed and heckled for multiple games. The way he handled it was informing people it’s not right, and teaching younger kids to act a certain way. He was able to handle situations the right way, and I have a lot of respect for him for that."

- Ben Simmons

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"My grandfather, he was a Tuskegee Airman. What made the Tuskegee Airmen so special and important was that they were the starters of allowing African-Americans to break the norm and get into fly planes and be pilots.

To know my grandfather was part of that group is an amazing feeling. One thing I know is the type of pride he took in that, and being able to be kind of a trendsetter for that time.

The main thing I take away from his story is resilience. Back in the day, with inequality and African-Americans not having the same type of opportunity, he was able to go out and really chase that opportunity. He was a sharp individual in terms of how he portrayed himself, what he wanted to do. He really wanted to be that type of person who leads for his family, and for his family line also. There's a lot I've learned from him that I embody to this day."

- Tobias Harris

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"The person who has really inspired me my whole life has been my dad. He's always been a grounding factor. When I was younger, he'd always take me to work with him. He was a fireman, but he had a side gig, so he would do construction on houses, remodeling homes. I didn't like going very often because it was just work all day. But it taught me a lot. Being able to see how much he has worked over his life has been very inspiring to me. He's always had two jobs, he's always made it work for me and my family. He taught me a lot about basketball, and I really appreciate that. He also has really taught me a lot about life outside of basketball, and how to be a man, how to treat people. I'm grateful for that."

- Josh Richardson

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“For me, leading by example speaks volumes and he’s done that my whole life. He’s a ray of sunshine in everyone’s day, and I aspire every day to try to be more like him.”

- Matisse Thybulle

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