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76ers Insiders

76ers Insiders is part of the 76ers Podcast Network, the official podcast network of the Philadelphia 76ers. Regular shows featuring insider hosts and exclusive guests include Mailbag Monday (Lauren Rosen & Matt Murphy), TOM's Talks (Tom McGinnis) and Coat Check (Matt Murphy). For daily, five-minute updates from the 76ers Podcast Network, check out The 76ers Scoop.

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The 76ers Scoop

Get the scoop! The 76ers Scoop! Part of the official 76ers Podcast Network, with episodes released the morning of and morning after every game, The 76ers Scoop covers all the Sixers news and notes you kneed to know in five minutes or less! Also, stay tuned throughout the offseason for special miniseries from The 76ers Scoop. Hosted by 76ers Insiders Lauren Rosen and Matt Murphy.

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The Big Niang Theory

The Big Niang Theory features 76er Georges Niang and 76ers Insider Lauren Rosen, as the pair interviews Niang's 76ers teammates, other players around the NBA, and thought leaders and influencers from all walks of life. Be on the lookout for new episodes throughout the 2021-22 NBA season!

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