Rockets Shot Clock Challenge Rockets Shot Clock Challenge

Get Back to Helping the Rockets Win!

Each Monday from May 18th to June 7th, all Houston Rockets fans have the chance to work together to help us win head-to-head matchups with 15 other NBA teams in the Shot Clock Challenge!

Games are played every other day from midnight to midnight ET (schedule below) — that's 11pm to 11pm for our local fans!

  1. Visit the Official Houston Rockets App (download links below)
  2. Click on the Weekly Matchup image near the top of the home screen
  3. From here, you'll try to score as many points as possible in 90 seconds — Regular Ball Shot - 1pt, Money Ball Shot - 2pt
  4. Keep playing as many times as you want to get your highest score possible
  5. The team with the highest combined average score of all players wins!
  1. Using the backboard helps, and it you can use it from all angles
  2. Making fives shots in a row gives you the Red Money Ball for double points
  3. On off days, play the game in Practice Mode to sharpen your skills

Win-Loss Record

1 - 3

Download the Official Rockets App now to start playing!

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