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RPD On Tour to Represent NBA Nation Program


Wow! Our first day of traveling has been a whirlwind. Late Tuesday night we stretched out and tried to relax on the fifteen hour flight to China. Willy had the strangest sleep position where she covered her entire body with her blanket; much like the way a kid pretends to be a ghost, so we got some chuckles out of that. Even though we arrived at 4am, we were wide awake due to the thirteen hour time difference so we had to bide time until breakfast began. Later in the day, we were ready to do some shopping! On the way, we received a crash course in simple Mandarin phrases to help us manage the marketplace. We breezed through and were soon ready for a Hot Pot dinner. This was an adventure of finger-pointing at a menu and not really knowing what we were ordering. The waitress was so kind and patient to put up with us; but honestly, I think we wore her out and she needed a break after us. We were thrilled when we all ended up liking the food that was brought out. It really was fun and entertaining to be thrown out of our comfort zones and we could tell other patrons were just as entertained with us by their not-so-secret filming. By 7pm, we were all ready to turn in but we need to stay awake in order to convert to the time change. So fighting sleep is how we conclude our first night in Beijing, but I have a feeling that we'll all be giving in soon. We can probably use the extra rest because we have our first performances tomorrow. Don't forget to check back in for the update.

Good night, Red Nation!

Love, Casey P and RPD


Greetings from Beijing, China! My teammates, coach, and I have had a very long day full of fun and dancing. We started the day off with our usual breakfast and hour long chats we love to have with each other before starting the day. From there, we went to go practice on set at NBA Nation where they were holding many different events and activities all throughout the day to market the NBA. After practice we got the pleasure of touring NBA China's headquarters! I think this has been the highlight of my trip to China so far. All over the office there were murals of rockets players, like Yao Ming, and pictures of the Rockets team. They had James Harden and Dwight Howard merchandise everywhere! On top of that, NBA China had a huge mural of some of the Rockets Power Dancers from 2010 on their wall. They definitely represent for the Houston Rockets very well not only around the office, but in the entire city of Beijing. We appreciate NBA China's continuous support and thank you for allowing us to come tour your office! We ended the day with three hard hitting performances at NBA Nation. All of the fans were so welcoming and were a great crowd for us to perform for. I have had a great time here so far with my teammates and look forward to the many more memories I am going to make within these last seven days. Check out some pictures from our trip to the NBA China office!



Hey Red Nation, greetings from Beijing!! We are having so much fun representing the Rockets and RPD in China! Today we traveled to the Anta Sports store, where we performed two routines, helped with games, and gave out our posters and calendars. Upon arrival we saw our pictures in front of the store. It was very cool to see! We had a lot of fun performing at NBA Nation today at the Indigo Center! We performed three fun and energetic routines. We also did a meet and greet with some elite VIP members of the Anta store. We were able to walk around and visit the booths that were a part of NBA Nation. We took selfies with cool phones at the ZTE booth, tried to make an 18' free throw shot, and even tested our skills in a classic arcade basketball game! Desiree and Willy won! We also did a quick interview with a local TV station and had a quick autograph session for some lucky fans. We are excited for another fun filled day tomorrow! Until then!



Our busy day began with an appearance at the Anta store. There, we participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony for their grand opening. We returned to the hotel for a brief break, then off to NBA Nation. While meeting the VIP ticket holders, Coach told them that I formerly lived in China and that I had something to tell them in Mandarin! So in my best nervous impromptu smile, I kept it simple and told them that I loved them and lets go, China! They all seemed so surprised and excited! While waiting for our third performance, we were given nestle teas with our names printed on the cans in Chinese characters! We closed the weekend's events with explosive performances and unforgettable memories.

Thank you for yet another adventure, NBA China. Wo ai ni!

-Desirée C.


We ventured outside of Beijing for the first time today. We rode a few hours out to Tianjin, which had very unexpected scenery and architecture because the main part of the city was designed by Italians. Our first stop was Starbucks, and walking in there was the first familiar smell we've experienced on this trip. One of the baristas noticed our Rockets clothing and came out knowing all of Harden's signature moves! We were so impressed with how he imitated the fake out footwork, celebrated a 3-pointer, and stirred it up. After taking a picture with him, we departed to our appearance at an Anta store. We immediately felt like superstars because there were life size cutouts of our uniform pictures! They had also put us on banners, posters, and so much memorabilia. Once we finished the appearance they gave us time to shop around the store, but me being 5'7" proved to be a problem with the length of their clothing. Mayem and I were rocking the high waters haha. Now we're headed back to Beijing with plans to eat at the Kro's Nest again to enjoy the closest thing to an American dinner. We miss you, Red Nation!.

Love, Casey P and RPD


We've come to the last couple days of our trip to China, and this has been such an experience for everyone of us. Besides our flight delay and spending the entire day at the airport in Beijing on Wednesday, we've enjoyed these last few days of hanging out with our fans! RPD still made our five hour flight delay fun by playing Ellen's iPhone game, "Heads Up". We had a blast! Upon arriving in Zhengzhou, China, we spent the rest of our Wednesday evening resting up for more shopping and performances the next day. Thursday morning we woke up bright and early ready to live up the last day of our trip. We left the hotel early and hit the shopping malls trying to fit as much shopping in as we could before leaving China.

After five hours of shopping, my teammates and I headed to the Anta store to complete our last day of performances in China. What an experience that was! The Anta store in Zhengzhou definitely had the best turnout out of all of them! The fans were so excited to see us. We performed two dances, took pictures, and met with all of the Rockets fans. After our performance we raced to the train station to catch our ride back to Beijing. That was an experience in itself. Willy and Casey P had never ridden a bullet train before so it was cool that they were able to experience that here in China. It was a bittersweet feeling getting back to our hotel in Beijing, because our trip had finally come to an end. We have enjoyed our stay here so much. My teammates, coach, and I bonded and were able to get to know each other so well over these last ten days together. I am so grateful that I was able to experience my first trip to China with them! Thank you to our tour guide Leo, and our NBA Nation representative William, for giving us such a great experience and sticking by our side during our stay. You gave us many laughs and memories we will always remember. Thank you NBA China for honoring us with the opportunity to be apart of NBA nation as well as opening up several Anta athletic stores in cities all over China. The fun is over, and now the real work will begin. We will see you in October for pre season!

Bye Red Nation!
Wo Ai Ni ('I love you' in Mandarin)
Casey C


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