How long have you been a member of the Power Dancers?
This is my first year on the team.  

Who is your favorite Rockets player?
James Harden

What do you enjoy most about being a Power Dancer?
My favorite thing about being a Power Dancer is always being challenged and pushed to my limits on learning new material, interacting with fans at games and appearances, and sharing my talent with my wonderful teammates and my coach! 

What is your most memorable moment so far as a Power Dancer?
Well, I must say that there are so many! However, I can say that my most memorable moment as a Power Dancer all started at the final round of auditions when I found out that I made the team. Then to top it off, I was blessed with the opportunity to be 1 of the 6 lovely ladies chosen as a representation of RPD and the Rockets in China this year! I had an amazing time!

Official Practice Facility: LA Fitness.
Hair: Sean Anthony and Monte Perez and Studio 9 Hair and Make Up.
Make Up: Kelly Zavala and Britany Rios with Oasis Salon and Medi-Spa Clear Lake.
Tanning: Darque Tan.
Training: Chip Blalock