Rockets Reveal Three New Uniforms for 2019-20 NBA Season

A fourth new uniform will be revealed in November

Tonight, the Rockets revealed three new uniforms for the 2019-20 NBA season.

The red "Icon" and white "Association" jerseys showcase significant changes including a new "Rockets" font, modernized side panels, and the inclusion of black as a core color. The new custom font moves away from the past gothic typeface for a clearer and more streamlined look. The side panels evoke a rocket launch with propulsion trails at the bottom of the shorts. The inclusion of black as a core color is partially a result of the popularity of the fan-favorite black "Statement" jersey the Rockets debuted during the 2016-17 season. That uniform will continue to be used in the upcoming season, in addition to the three new kits and a fourth which has yet to be revealed.

Another new addition to the Rockets' uniform lineup is bound to become a fan favorite this season as well. The new "ketchup and mustard" colored "Classic" jersey celebrates 25 seasons since the Rockets went back-to-back after winning the 1994-95 NBA Championship. The colors and design of the uniform are the same as that historic season, but the jersey and shorts will be made with current performance material. The uniform will be worn only for the upcoming season and showcases a contrast in style with the uniforms of today. Some of the most notable differences are the original U-shaped neckline and the lack of a team logo on the belt line.

A fourth new jersey, the "City" jersey will be revealed in November. It will move away from the Chinese jerseys the Rockets have used in past years and evoke Houston's history and present. While no details can be revealed until November, it will certainly be "out of this world."

The Rockets will, however, continue to celebrate their relationship with their Chinese fans. As a tribute to the massive popularity of the club in China, the Rockets will debut an alternate court for home games played over Lunar New Year.

Last week, the Rockets revealed a new secondary or "global" logo, for international usage. However, the Rockets "R" will remain the primary logo and continue to be the most prevalent. The new logo takes use of the new font and places it in a more dimensionally balanced setting. The logo features "Houston Rockets" wrapping around a “basketball globe” and matches the desire of the franchise to be champions of the basketball world.

The three new jerseys that were released tonight are on sale for pre-orders now at


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