Yao Ming Update

Thursday March 10, 2011 8:07 PM

Yao Ming Update

Yao Ming provides an update on his current condition and thoughts regarding a potential comeback

Jason Friedman

HOUSTON - Yao Ming met with the media Thursday night at the Rockets' 15th Annual Tux & Tennies event, providing an update on his current condition as he continues to recover from season-ending surgery on his left foot. What follows is the transcript of his interview:

How is your recovery coming?

Yao: I’ve been doing well. Once in awhile I see the doctors, check how the foot is going, and we’re basically all happy about the progress and trying to get back.

When will you be able to do anything basketball-wise?

Yao: I think I probably need another ten weeks until starting some running on the court, as far as I know.

How much have you talked to management about your future?

Yao: I think right now it’s more focused on my injury and how I’m going to come back. About the future, I think it all depends on this foot.

Is your recovery on target?

Yao: Like I said, in ten weeks I can start running up and down the court a little bit. At that time the foot will tell me how much I can get back.

So right now you believe you’ll play again?

Yao: That’s the direction.

How important is it to you to play again?

Yao: I can’t tell you now because I’m still getting very limited workouts. I even cannot walk with my full weight. Like I said, I have to try it on the court, running up and down, and then see how it’s going.

How disappointing would it be if you can’t come back and play again?

Yao: That’s a sad question, first of all. I believe if it’s a possibility that I can’t come back and play, then I would tell myself that I already did everything I can.

Can you imagine playing anywhere besides Houston?

Yao: I like it here. I'm used to everything and I feel really, really confortable here and I have my family and I'm not really planning to leave.

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