One-on-One with Patrick Patterson and Press Conference Transcript

Friday June 25, 2010 6:14 PM

Patrick Patterson Arrives In Houston

Newest member of the Rockets meets the Houston media for the first time

Jason Friedman

Houston - What follows is a transcript of some of the highlights from Patrick Patterson's introductory press conference Friday afternoon:

Daryl Morey – opening statement

We got better yesterday. This was the guy we really wanted to add to the team. He’s going to be a fan favorite. I think people saw in his interviews just what a high character person and player he is. He’s going to work hard and we really think there’s no limit given his work ethic and versatility, what he can do over the course of his career.

We’re adding to a team we think can be really special next year and we think Patrick is going to be a big part of that.

Patrick Patterson – opening statement

I’m just extremely grateful for being here. I’m truly blessed, needless to say, and I’m happy. I couldn’t stop shaking when my neighbors called and looking at my family and the smiles and joy on their face. And now that I’m finally here, I just can’t wait to get started and be a part of this great team.

(What fans can expect to see from you?)

Patterson: Just hard work and someone who is a great team player on and off the court, who wants to strive to be a better person and also a better player. I’m a very versatile 4-man who can face-up, extend his game to the perimeter and shoot 3s, and post-up in the post, score around the rim, rebound and just do whatever is asked of me. I’m trying to make this team better and make myself better as well.

(Daryl, you said you were surprised Patrick was still there at 14?)

Morey: Yeah, we were very surprised. He was a guy we had very high on our board and we were working hard top move up to get him but teams were fighting us to move up, and we feel like we almost lucked out that he made it to us. We think he’ll really improve our club going forward. We’re very excited.

(Patrick, what do you feel you need to do to become an All-Star?)

Patterson: Basically, it just starts in the gym, putting in the work every single day, all the hours and the sweat to try to become a better player on the court and a better guy off the court; stay out of trouble and just focus on basketball and what I need to do to improve and also help the team and represent the organization.

On the court, (I need to work on) everything. I have so much to work on. I want to be a better defender. My defense on the perimeter (needs to improve), guarding smaller players, being stronger in the post and also play better defense there. Also, my work around the rim, my finishing and my ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter (need to improve). So I just need to improve my overall game.

Morey: He’s got true size for the 4-position in this league. He showed he can play the 5 at a very high level at Kentucky during his first two years but we really liked how, even though he showed he can play center, when the freshmen were brought in and Coach Cal asked him to play a different role, he showed how effective he can be as well and how productive he could be at either spot. Obviously, he’s got the athleticism and the length and the work ethic to really do anything in this league.

(Patrick, you mentioned about your parents being in the Navy. How much did their military background influence you?)

Patterson: It was just all the discipline in the household. Whenever I messed up and did something wrong, I was punished for it. So I definitely think that set me straight at a young age and opened my eyes to make me realize the type of person I needed to be in order to be successful and also a great person and a great citizen.

(How does the adjustment in playing style at Kentucky prepare you for working with a team of veterans in Houston?)

Patterson: I can adapt to anything. I’m used to change; as far as offense, going from an inside-out to an inside-in offense. I’m able to take a step back, surround myself with All-Stars and high-caliber players and be able to perform and still play with them. So I definitely feel my first two years (at Kentucky) allowed me to adapt and also my last year caused me to be more open-minded and able to perform on the court with other players who are better than me.

(Daryl, since you were able to get Patrick without giving up any assets, how does that impact you going forward?)

Morey: We definitely are going to stay aggressive with free agency and we feel like we should hopefully be able to get something accomplished there. We’re happy about the fact that we were able to add a player of Patrick’s very high caliber and still give ourselves every opportunity in free agency.

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