Jeremy Lin Injury Update

HOUSTON - Jeremy Lin underwent an MRI Thursday morning, revealing a bruised right chest muscle. Lin was injured during the first half of Game 2 at Oklahoma City and was unable to return for the second half.

The 24-year-old point guard says the debilitating spasms he experienced last night have subsided; the focus now and going forward is on regaining full range of motion and strength so he can return to game action.

“It feels a lot better,” Lin said Thursday afternoon after receiving various forms of treatment for his injury. “Tomorrow we’re going to work on some more stuff. Today was all range of motion; tomorrow will hopefully be like some jumping and then we’ll go from there.

“The worst part was (the spasms) and it’s not spasming anymore. I’m really thankful for that. Now it’s just getting range of motion and being pain-free.”

As for his Game 3 status, Lin says he is hopeful and optimistic but stopped short of making any guarantees.

“I really don’t know because this is something that should heal quickly but right now I’m not there yet so I don’t know when I will be (available), but hopefully I will be soon.

“I can’t shoot today. We tried to do that shooting motion just to get range of motion but right now I have range of motion but I just don’t think I have any force. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

“I’m not going to make any promises. Right now it’s just day-to-day. I’m still hopeful, still optimistic but I’ve learned my lesson about making guarantees.”