Houston Chronicle: Rockets’ Covington determined to see bright side

Written by Jonathan Feigen for the Houston Chronicle

Via Houston Chronicle - 

His season, which in many ways had only begun following a trade to the Rockets, was halted. There was the shock and uncertainty that was nearly universal amid the global coronavirus pandemic. But forward Robert Covington refused to allow himself to consider only what had been lost, or at least temporarily removed.

“You get to really appreciate the times you miss,” he said. “I look at it as good and bad. You learn more about yourself in this time.”

His attitude — to make the best of a bad situation — was not just about understanding how so many others are suffering in more immediate and severe ways, though that was of course a large part of the perspective he would consider.

Beyond that, as Covington discussed everything from his workouts to increased family time, he went back to a determination to accentuate a bright side he learned to see over the years and in sessions with a therapist last year.

Some of that comes from the training regimen many players have cited since the NBA season was suspended March 11. For a professional athlete looking to find benefits in such a difficult time, that would be a natural place to start.

“I’ve been working out,” Covington said. “I’ve been doing pretty good as far as trying to stay in shape. Of course, I want to stay safe. Once we come to a decision (on resuming the season), I’ll be ready for whatever route we take. It’s different not being able to play...



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