GQ: Rockets Best-Dressed Team in Sports?

James Harden Says the Rockets Might Be "the Best-Dressed Team in the History of Sports"

By Alex Shultz via

James Harden is not colorblind. In fact, he laughs—more so scoffs—at the notion, which is devastating for me, a fairly colorblind person who was hoping to confirm a long-held theory. It goes like this: Colorblind folks generally struggle to differentiate darker hues, so we’re naturally drawn to bright, easily contrasting shades, and that often informs our style—how we dress. Given that most of the colorways for the 30-year-old superstar’s latest signature sneaker with Adidas, the Harden Vol. 4, are noticeable, I was hoping I maybe had a comrade-in-arms who is also legally barred from piloting an airplane.

Nope. The real answer, Harden explains, is about the kids. “I could dumb it down and wear the normal colors,” he says, “but there are times where it’s like, Let’s go crazy. Let’s be seen today. There are going to be some kids out there that feel the same way I feel.”

The Houston Rockets superstar is perched on a hastily rearranged couch, and we’re chatting on a Manhattan rooftop in the West Village. He’s here to promote his new shoes, out October 26, but as he himself admits, offseason interviews with the Beard are not the norm. So I pivot from kicks and colorblindness to what’s been a busy few months for Harden and his team. Chris Paul is gone, swapped in a nuclear WojBomb trade for Russell Westbrook.

Harden and Westbrook, in case you need to be reminded for the two-hundredth time, played together in Oklahoma City early in their careers. They’ve both since won MVP awards as the ball-dominant undisputed leaders of their respective teams, and the NBA world is abuzz about whether they can now make up a cohesive backcourt. Harden, for the record, isn’t worried. Below, he expounds on his relationship with Russ, as well as his potential latest move—a one-legged three-point shot—and his lingering feelings about last season’s MVP race...



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