Rockets planning to unveil new court design this season

Friday September 7, 2007 11:36 AM

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Rockets planning to unveil new court design this season


Damien Pierce Staff Writer

HOUSTON -- The Rockets' home court is undergoing a makeover.

Nearly four years after opening the doors to Toyota Center, the Rockets have mapped out plans to redesign the court's canvas with a sleek, two-tone wood style look.

The new floor design, which is currently being redone and is scheduled to be completed later this month, will have lighter wood inside the three-point arcs with the rest of the floor being flushed by a darker shade of wood.

The major renovation is being made to give the floor a more sleek and vibrant appearance for fans, whether they're watching the Rockets in the stands or on television.

"We're always trying to update the facility and put something out there that the fans will really enjoy," Rockets CEO Tad Brown said. "We have looked at courts from across the NBA and this type of look in other facilities really lends itself to a more vibrant and clean presentation during the game."

The organization started exploring its redesign options this summer because the team felt the floor's red paint flushed out the action and absorbed the arena's lighting. After creating about 10 different possible designs, the team chose the two-tone wood style look because it creates a stage-like appearance.

Unlike the previous floor design, the only red paint on the floor is in logos and stripes. The floor's border and the traditional painted area below the free throw line will be wooded areas.

"The best part of this design is the court is really going to stand out because the lighting isn't going to get saturated into the red," said Rockets creative services manager Jose Lopez, who designed the court. "Since we have red seats, it will be a great contrast."

In addition to the two-wood style approach, center court will simply have the Rockets' R logo in red and each baseline will read "Houston Rockets" in red lettering.

The new design is being redone by Jones Flooring.

"It's going to be extremely clean," Brown said. "We think this is going to be a beautiful court and really enhance the experience for our fans."




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