Rockets launch marketing campaign for upcoming season

Thursday September 4, 2008 7:30 PM

Get Red, Houston!

Rockets launch marketing campaign for 2008-2009 season

Jason Friedman Staff Writer


It’s the color of passion and energy.  It represents fire, heat and intensity. In so many ways, red is the color which perfectly reflects what the Houston Rockets and their fans are all about, especially with regard to this upcoming season - one in which excitement is already building to a fever pitch.  So that’s why, more than ever before, the Rockets are charging you to, “Get Red.”

Marketing director Ken Sheirr explains the concept behind this year’s powerful marketing campaign:

“The idea began taking shape during the streak last year when the city was so incredibly engaged.  Houston fans were demonstrating passion like we haven’t seen since the championship years.  It got us thinking about the fans really taking ownership of the team.  We wanted a campaign that was a call to action – something that would keep Rockets fans involved all season long.”

The campaign’s kick-off commercial shows Houston turning red in anticipation of the season. Consider it a call to arms for a city possessing a rich basketball history.

“For the uninitiated, ‘Get Red’ means ‘get on board,’ ‘get tickets,’ and ‘get downtown to Toyota Center,’” explains Sheirr. “The city is turning red and you should too.

“It’s about getting energized, getting excited, getting red-faced and, quite literally, wearing red. So for a fan, that means showcasing Rockets red all around town.  And perhaps more importantly, showcasing that red passion inside the arena.  We want to see a sea of red like we’ve seen in the playoffs.  We want that all the time.  We want fans to always consider coming to the games in red and being as excited and energized as possible.” 

Now that the campaign is underway, get ready to see red everywhere you go - on billboards, TV and, the internet.  As you can see, has already undergone the transformation to a bolder, cleaner and, yes, redder look. Of course, all of this is only the beginning. Far grander plans will be unveiled as Rockets fever continues to spread.

“Opening night is going to be uber-redified,” says Sheirr. “You’re going to see red everywhere – signs, t-shirts, napkins, everything.  The players are going to be wearing their road red which we’ve never done in this arena.  We’re going to try to break the world record for most painted faces in a single venue.  We’re actually going to have a Guinness official here.”

This year’s campaign also marks the culmination of a process which actually began back in 2003 when the Rockets returned to red as their dominant color. Since that time, the franchise has been organically driving the team’s association with the color red and it’s obviously something which has resonated with the club’s core fans. 

“We want to be like Celtics’ green and Lakers’ gold," says Sheirr. "We want Rockets’ red to be nationally recognized as a big part of who we are and what our brand is.  We want to own the color locally and, quite frankly, when we win the championship this year, we’ll own it nationally, too.”






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