Rockets In Search Of Big Ideas

Friday March 13, 2009 3:49 PM

In Search Of The Best And Brightest

Rockets Basketball Ops department on the lookout for big ideas

Jason Friedman Staff Writer

Houston - Daryl Morey and the rest of the Rockets Basketball Operations staff come to work every day with just one goal in mind: To make the team better. Now, they’re enlisting your help for the cause.

Whether you’ve devised a detailed regression analysis unlocking the key to the basketball universe, or simply have a few hundred theories on building the perfect team, the Rockets’ brain trust is happy to hear what’s been percolating inside your head. Now is your chance to share those zany ideas on how to improve the team with the people calling the shots.

So send in your most creative ideas, research, formulas, theories, techniques, etc. to General Manager Daryl Morey and Vice President of Basketball Operations Sam Hinkie will review anything you send along. If your idea is truly revolutionary, don’t be surprised to hear back from them.

Best of luck and thanks for sharing our passion to make the Houston Rockets the best franchise in the NBA!