McGrady might pursue baseball after hoops career

Friday November 17, 2006 2:00 AM

The mound can wait

McGrady says he might pursue baseball career after basketball

Damien Pierce Staff Writer

HOUSTON -- Rockets forward Tracy McGrady claims that he has a devastating knuckle ball that he might eventually unleash on big league hitters.

He's just not planning on doing it anytime in the near future.

The Rockets' six-time All-Star said after Thursday night's win over the Chicago Bulls that he doesn't plan on pursuing a baseball career until he's satisfied that his basketball playing days are over.

"I'm going to play baseball at the end of my (basketball) career," McGrady said. "I guess (TNT) took that to mean the end of my contract. But who knows what I'm going to do in four years?"

The questions about McGrady's future surfaced after he mentioned his desire to play baseball during an interview with TNT. The segment aired during the first half of Thursday's game.

McGrady, 27, said he would probably pursue a pitching career after he is done playing basketball.

"I think I'll be done with this game in my early 30's," McGrady said. "I would be a pitcher. I got a knuckleball, slider, changeup, curve and whatever."